What is the Ultimate Goal of SATSANG?

It is the resolute conviction of Satsang that just as the handful of men who gathered around Sri Sri Thakur fifty years ago, steadily increased over the following decades, from hundreds into thousands and today number in hundreds of thousand; so in the next decade, those hundreds of thousand will grow into crores out of that universal and desperate urge for life and growth.

Further, as this spontaneous expansion takes place, we and our children will find that the ancient racial memory of an era when men were Gods and walked upon the earth – that memory which stirs in the deep unconscious of all of us – will have been unknowingly transformed into a reality – for ourselves, our family, our country and the world. When Late Deshbandhu C.R. Das approached Thakur at Calcutta a few years before his sudden demise and accepted him as his spiritual guide, Thakur said— “I know of no other politics, if service to the necessities of man is polities then I am a politician to my backbone. I understand love; I can appreciate what service is. I love life, not death”. Thakur can repair men like motor cars in the hands of an expert engineer and the nervous, debilitated and imbecile bloom in health and vigor if they have the sincerity to keep his company for sometime, with a few strokes of his chisel he can create life and energy in a block of lifeless mass, the hopeless beam with hope, the weak quiver with thrills of energy unfelt before and the depressed became inspired with his slogan of love, life and lift. Thakur’s life–drama is played not in the stirring fields of politics; not in the superficeries of the masses nor on the platform, he worked smilingly in the depth of the human soul with his un-vulnerable love, service and activity, and can rouse the dreams of a Ceasar in the heart of a Bangalee and the inspiration of a John of Arc in the soft flickering of a Bangalee illiterate women’s heart. As Thakur’s odd combination of practical religion, visionary idealism and intuitive insight attracted the attention of larger and larger number of people, his deep compassion and willing acceptance of the frustrated, the social outcast, the insane and incapable remained what one has described as his greatest asset and greatest liability. This sense of unlimited responsibility for everyone who came, gave to everyone a vision of an almost universal love practically applied. However, for those who feel that love is synonymous only with the good and beautiful the sight of the diseased, the demented and the undeserving, all finding hope and shelter with him was distributing…at times unnerving. At one place Sri Sri Thakur stated that he shelters evil in the hope that someday they will change, he never supported evil, he told that he was the foolish father of fallen son. The remarkable thing is that Thakur inspired everyone and waited for till his transformation is achieved.

Satsang’s Large-Scale Activities

At present there are more than two thousand branches of Satsang located not only in India but also Bangladesh, Burma, Europe and America. From these centres the principles of life and growth given by Sri Sri Thakur are being spread to many people. Satsang Vihars (centres) have been set up in several different provinces of India including Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Andhrapradesh, Maharastra, Gujrat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Thousands of workers for Sri Sri Thakur, surmounting all kinds of hindrances and difficulties, have gone out to propagate his practical and all-fulfilling message. His special workers are divided into five categories called Jajak, Adhwarjyu, Saha-Prati-Ritwik, Prati-Ritwik and Ritwik. The latter three are empowered to initiate people in the faith of Sri Sri Thakur.

At Deoghar different activities like those at Pabna have gradually been set up. Nothing was performed with a view to building up an organization; everything grew up to fulfill the needs of people. At present the following activities are functioning:

  • Satsang Philanthropy (SPO), the main office of Satsang, occupies a large three-storey building. Hundreds of people work here.
  • Satsang Computer Centre (SCC), housed in the main office building is an unique large complex of its kind. It caters to various works of the office.
  • Ananda Bazar [Common Kitchen] (AB). More than one thousand people are given food here daily. Free meals are provided for the devotees who come from outside to visit the Ashram. During the two main Utsavs and four Ritwik conferences held each year, for which thousands and thousands of devotees come from different provinces of India, all of them have their meals here; and this joyous function goes on for about one week.
  • Satsang Chemical Works (SCW). Whenever anyone came to Sri Sri Thakur afflicted with ailments, his kind heart would overflow with compassion. He gave many formulas for medicines that would remedy their diseases. The Satsang Chemical Works came into existence to produce these medicines.
  • A large herb garden has been started by Sri Sri Borda. He uses the rare herbs grown here in the preparation of medicines which have cured many previously incurable diseases, thus fulfilling one of our Lord Sri Sri Thakur.
  • Satsang Press (SPH) has printed the compilations of Sri Sri Thakur’s messages and many other books, and from here the magazines Alochana (Bengali), Ligate (English), Satwati (Hindi), Agambani (Assamese), Urjana (Oriya) and Swasti Sevak (Bengali) are issued monthly.
  • Satsang Water Supply Department (SWSD). Water is pumped from a well near the Darwa River through pipes to supply the Ashram.
  • Satsang Engineering and Mechanical Work-shop (SE&MW). Most of the things necessary for Ashram are manufactured here.
  • Satsang Carpentry. Many wooden articles for the use of Satsang Ashram are made here.
  • Satsang Electrical Division (SED). There are five high power generators for emergency supply of electricity to the Ashram Area, over and above the generators are exclusively meant for computer centre.
  • Satsang Guest Houses (SGH). There are several guest houses for the accommodation of visiting devotees and guests.
  • Among the many other facilities are the Congregational Prayer House, Satsang Library (Amardyuti Bidi-Mandir), Binapani Vidya Mandir (Upper Primary School and Girls section of Satsang Tapovan High School) and Satsang Cow-shed.
  • Satsang Tapovan High School for Boys. This is an ideal educational institution under the supervision of Ideal-minded teachers.
  • Amardyuti Satsang College. This college provides instruction of Arts, Science and Commerce. Also, preparations are being made to establish a separate college for Law.
  • Post Graduate Institution. This section was opened with the special permission of the University Grants Commission. It is the preliminary base of Shandilya University.
  • Satsang Charitable Hospital (SCH). Sri Sri Borda himself used to treat many patients, keeping them in his house. His great desire to help the sick is being materialized in Satsang hospital. Sri Sri Thakur spoke of a Hospital with about five hundred beds. Towards the fulfillment of his desire, about sixty beds have so far been set up. This hospital now has a special reputation because of the inspiration and direction of Sri Sri Borda. Its sacred, enlivening atmosphere, along with the care it provides, greatly increases the patients’ power of recovery. A comprehensive plan for the hospital’s development has been worked out. In the newly constructed conference room medical seminars are held twice in a year attended by Satsangee and other medical professionals from different parts of the country and abroad. The hospital also has a library of its own.


At present the following departments and wards are in operation: Departments:-

Out-Patient Deptt., Charitable Dispensary, X-ray Deptt., Pathology, Serology and Bio-chemistry, General Surgery, Gynecology and obstetrics, Orthopedics, General Medicines, Psychiatry and Cardiology. Wards:- Indoor Male Ward, Indoor Female Ward and Emergency Ward.
Shandilya University. One of Sri Sri Thakur’s primary desires was for the establishment of this University, and this is gradually being accomplished by Sri Sri Borda.
Ganga-Darwa Project. Sri Sri Thakur particularly wanted that water from the holy Ganges should flow through the Darwa, a river near Satsang Deoghar which is nearly dry except during the rainy season. The devotees of Bihar, to whom Sri Sri Thakur has kindly given responsibility in accomplishing this, are making great efforts to effect this project.
Kristbandhab Natyashilpam. This club is the cultural centre of Satsang Deoghar. It organizes open theatre (Jatra) and regular theatre performances, etc. on various occasions.
Satsang Publishing House (SPH). The greatest fulfiller of the age comes to goad passion-affected men toward the good. In this time of tremendous chaos and absolute tyranny also he has come down, and in his messages he has offered a full and wholesome vision of life. Satsang Publishing House has published the books containing Sri Sri Thakur’s sayings in solution of the world’s problems.

Compiled & Contributed by S.P. Chakraborty (Barun)
(Source: TSPOSST & Benign Lord)

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नारी नीति

४३ स्वजात विद्वेश

साधारणतः नारीयोंमे स्वजाती के प्रती असहानुभुती और उपेक्षा देखी जाती है. और इसका अनुसरण करती है दोषदृष्टी, ईरषा, आक्रोश, पारश्रीकतरता. और उसके फलस्वरूप दूसरे कि अप्रतिष्ठा करनेमे अपनी प्रतिष्ठा को भी नष्ट कर डालती है. तुम कभी भी ऐसा मत बनो. अन्याय का अनादर करके भी बोध और अवस्था की ओर देखती हुई सहानुभुती और सहाय्यप्रवण हो. ख्याती तुम्हारी परीचरया करेगी, संदेह नही.

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SAT SANG is the community of the lovers of existence stands for ‘Being and Becoming’.

Being means the entire being—i.e. physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life.
Becoming means the gradual balanced evolution of these three aspects of life.

SRI SRI THAKUR ANUKULCHANDRA, the fountainhead of SATSANG, a non-communal religious and philanthropic institution has established its present headquarter at Satsang Ashram, Deoghar, Jharkhand.

There are more than two thousand branches located not only in India but also in Bangladesh, Burma, Europe and America. From these centers the principles of life and growth given by Sri Sri Thakur are being spread to many people.

Thousands of satsangees surmounting all kinds of hindrances and difficulties have gone out to propagate his practical and all-fulfilling message. His special satsangees are divided into five categories called Jaajak, Adhwarjyu, Saha-Prati-Ritwik, Prati-Ritwik and Ritwik. The latter three are empowered to initiate people in the faith of Sri Sri Thakur.

At Deoghar following activities are functioning:

  • Philanthropy – Main Office of Satsang,
  • Computer Center – caters to various works of the office
  • Ananda Bazar – common kitchen
  • Chemical works – to produce medicines
  • Press – to print books and magazines
  • Water Supply Department – to supply water from river to ashram.
  • Engineering workshop – to produce materials for satsang,
  • Guest House – to accomodate visitng devotees and
  • Charitable Hospital, Library, Schools, College, Prayer halls.

Contributed by Dr.Nirmalendu Das, Delhi and from a book Benign Lord by Arun Ganguly, Kerry Brace.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Who was Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra?

He was a person who lived in India during most part of twentieth century, He was a Prophet. That has been known:

  • By way of self revelation by Sri Sri Thakur himself,
  • By finding similarities with other Prophets of the past,
  • By seeing his divine qualities,
  • By seeing him as incarnate of love,
  • Through people’s realization,

He was a Guide, an Ideal to follow.

Tell me about His personal life.

His father was Shiv Chandra Chakravarty and mother was Manmohini Devi. He was born in a hamlet called Himaitpur, in Pabna district of Bangladesh, erstwhile East Bengal in pre-independent India. He was born on fourteenth September 1888 and passed away on twenty sixth January 1969. He lived in society, with family and friends. He had experienced all the worries and anxieties of a human life in struggle. He was a father of three sons and a daughter. Being elder son of a poor Indian family, he had his family burden to carry from an early age for his widowed mother, two younger brothers and a sister. He was husband of two wives and father of three sons and a daughter. He was victim of all kinds of social, economic, political, ethnic and communal upheaval that his time passed through. His dress was just minimum and yet quite decent. He followed all the trait of the culture and tradition in which he was born and brought up. He subjected himself to the laws of the land. When he became old and physically weak, he passed through all the ordeals of illness, seclusion of old age and defiance of younger generation. He subjected himself to the prescriptions of doctors, he availed the helping required for him to survive the old age. He wailed in pain and prayed for recovery. He longed for a healthy and prolonged life, but just like any human being he breathed his last leaving every thing around.

What should be satsangees daily activities?

  • Arise before dawn,
  • Perform meditation, japa and offer ishtavriti,
  • Take a round (Morning walk) and do exercises / yogas,
  • Clean yourself,
  • Engage for house hold earning activities,
  • In the evening, clean to make oneself pure
  • Offer aahnik with heart and soul.
  • Guide the neighbours and others on Thakur’s principles through stories and gossips
  • Seek and solve the problems of neighbours.
  • One should go to bed only when he feels sleepy
  • Retiring to bed should be with the thinking materializing the Ista desires through activity.

What is Istabhrity?

Ista ke bharan posan kora” i.e to fulfill the Almighty by one’s oblation and after thirty days your oblation should reach to the “Istasthan”.

Istavriti becomes flawless if one offers Istavriti before accepting any eatables and sends it to Istasthan at the end of the month. In addition, he must offer two bhatrubhojya (to Guru-brothers or superiors) and preserve some amount towards the service of the neighbours in their distress hours. 

What are conditions to perform Istabhrity?

We must toothbrush and take bath first. Or after brush we shud at least change to fresh clothes. Ishtabhriti cannot be done in the same dress in which we have slept. And not on that bed as well. In fact our body shud not be in contact with anything which has been in touch with our body while sleeping and with unclean things and what we call ”jootha” clothes. We shud not do ishtabhriti when we are physically down. And women cannot do it during the periods. In all such cases, Ishtabhriti of all missed days have to be done after we recover. – Yashendra

What is Jaajan?

SriSri Thakur– Even those who know, as much would they discuss amongst themselves, so much good would it be. There is no end to knowing; as much discussions take place, so much does the fine points come out. And that becomes a matter of enjoyment. Moreover, who so ever is Ista-prana (Ista is their life), he can never remain passive in the environment. There is no dearth of improper talks (befaas kathaa), wrong ideas, and unmannered life style ( bechaal chalan) even within the satsang brothers; if they are not counteracted properly then and there, then neither will you be educated nor will they be educated.

What is the relations between all prophets?

It is the Law of the God that all the present Prophet is the culmination of the past Prophet which means right from Sri Sri Ram … till Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra all are same with different name, different look, different place, different mode of work, different situation of that time of the world. But their cause of the advent is same i.e to save human being from degeneration. Taking the initiation of the latest Prophet means taking initiation of all thereby eradicating the Sectarian conflict. – Deepangshu

Which is the Most Powerful Name to use for the salvation?

The holy name ********** given to us by Thakurji is the most powerful name, which has been given out by the Supreme Being Himself. It resounds in splendid refulgence in the highest abode and can be heard within us only by those who perform true practice of Surat Shabd Yoga exactly according to the instructions given by the Sadguru.

What is the proof of authenticity of Satnaam?

Sant Kabir said: Kabir DHARA agam ki, satguru di lakhay. Tahi ulat sumrin kar, SWAMI sang milay. Similarly Saint Dadu Dayal has also very clearly said: Swami to satlok hai, radha triloki mahi. Dadu dono ek mila, tera janam maran mit jahi.

What are the principles of Swastyayani?

The five principles of Swastyayani are:

  1. Maintain your physic in tune with the providence so as to keep it healthy and endurable, presuming it to be the temple of Lord.
  2. Streamline the urge of your complexes towards the establishment of interests of Lord.
  3. Translate immediately into action, the activity that you consider to be good, resisting all obstacles.
  4. Interest yourself in the existence and growth of your neighbors and candle their prosperity by making them the followers of Lord.
  5. Offer oblation everyday to your Lord, with devotion and purity, as per your capability before serving to yourself. – Dr T K Jena

Why should I surrender to Sadguru or God?

Everyone in this world is in search of happiness. Ignorant of its source, we try to find it in materialistic comforts. We worship the idols, go to holy places, and seek seclusion in jungles in search of God. We are not successful, as God cannot be realized in worldly places or idols. God resides within us, and we must look within ourselves to find the path that leads to God. To find peace and happiness we must unite our soul with God. Only this union can make us happy. The method of uniting the soul with God can be learnt from the sadguru who is already united with God.

A Sadguru is personified God. Christ defined the Master as “The Word made Flesh”. A Sadguru, and SatNaam are the true means to unite the soul with God. In this physical world God comes to us in the form of a Perfect living Master.

If we have a keen desire to realize God, the Perfect Master comes to help us. The Master initiates us with Naam, tells us the method of meditation and our regular meditation practice leads us to our union with God. The drop becomes the ocean after merging into the ocean, Aatmaa becomes Param Aatmaa after its union with God.

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Satsang Vihar List


  • Satsang Phillanthropy, P:O: Satsang, Dist. : Deoghar, JHARKHAND, PIN : 814116
    Tel.: 06432 – 237848, 223140, 232231
Andhra Pradesh
SATSANG VIHAR, Hs no. 1-1-5/1, Near Poultry Dairy Farm (PDP), Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Pin- 500030.

Tel No:- (040) 24018202, Mobile No:- 9440994439, Fax No:- (040) 24016316

WebSite: http://satsanghyderabad.org/ e-mail : satsanghyd@yahoo.com


Tel.: 03714 – 250479

Polofield Satsanga Vihar, Secy, Polofield, PIN-784001. Tel.: 221757

Tel.: 2462092, 2453301, 2527889, 2462592, 2529223, 241541

Tel.: 227764
Sanjay Kumar Mukhopadhyay, SPR, 72, Kawabagh Railway Colony, Gorakhpur. Contact No. 0551 – 2280152 , 09839218064, 09415608338


SATSANG VIHAR, House NO.- 415, 5D Main,Block # 2,HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar

Mumbai – Badlapur

LBS Marg, Hendre Pada, Kulgaon, Badlapur West
Shri Bhajan dada, Shri Joshi dada
Tel.: 0251 2672771

Pune – Chakan

Satsang Vihar, Near Bank of India, At Post: Chakan. Dist.: Pune,

Mr.Ramdas Laxman Suryawanshi (SPR) Mobile No.09422569450.
Mr.Govindrao Y. Lonkar (SPR) Mobile No.09850970253.
Mr.Sandip Ramdas Suryawanshi (SPR) Mobile No.09850098142
Mr.Satyawan Ramdas Suryawanshi Mobile No.09922431681


Delhi Satsang Vihar, A-14/15, Delhi Satsang Vihar Marg, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi.
Sri J.N. Mahanty, Mr. Maheswar Das. Tel.: 011 26965241, 26960115

(Route from New Delhi Rly Station : Bus Route No. 505 from Ajmeri Gate side, that Bus is From Kamala Mkt to Mehrauli. You have to get down at Adhchini Bus Stop. From Adhchini you have to change bus on the way of Katwaria Sarai. On this way the next to next Stop after Katwaria Sarai is FAI Stop, where you have to get down. From FAI Stop it is walking distance. )


  • Satsang Thakurbari, Puri, Tel No.: 06752-222636
  • Satsang Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Tel No.:  0674-2581550,2587209

Tamil Nadu

No.1/2, 19th Street, Sri Shanker Nagar, Behind Sankar nagar police station, Pallam/Pammal. Chennai 600 075. Shri Pratapchandra Das (SPR), Tel.: 044-22485538, Cellno 0-9444085538.
(Nearest local railway station is Pallavaram.U can take a local train from Park(near Central railway stn) to Pallavaram that is train towards Tambaram direction get down at 13th station.After getting down at Pallavaram go to right side of stn to GST road.From there ask auto to sankar nagar about 3and half km away charges 30/-. The distance from central to satsang vihar is abt 26km.From airport abt 8 and half km.)

Uttar Pradesh

Sanjay Kumar Mukhopadhyay, SPR, 72, Kawabagh Railway Colony, Gorakhpur. Contact No. 0551 – 2280152 , 09839218064, 09415608338.

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Chalaar Saathi

“A Companion To The Being & Becoming of Life”



Tun Manushya Ke Aisa Nitya Prayojaniya Bankar Khade Ho-O-Jisme Tumhari Seva SeTumhara PariparswikYathaasaadhya Prayojan Ki Poorti KarkeJ eevan, Yash Aur Vridhi Ko Aalingan Kar Sake;-Aur, Aisa Karke Hi Tum Har Ek Ke Hriday Mein Vyapt Ho Jaa-O Aur Ye Sab Tumhare Charitra Mein Parinat Ho,-DekhogeYash Tumhe Kramagat Jaygan Se Yashaswi Bana Dega Sandeh Nahi!


Try to be such an indispensable part of man so that your environment by your active service be exalted with vigourous life, growth and fame by fulfilling their dire necessities, and, in this way be endowed with unblemished character by expanding yourself amidst each and every individual, thus be blessed with fame and glory!


Prakriti Unhe Hi Dhikkarati HaiJo Pratyaksh Ki AwagyaYa Aswikar KarParoksh Ka Aalingan Karte Hain; -Aur, Paroksh Jiske Pratyaksh KoRanjit Aur Laanchhit Karta Hai -Wahi Dhokhe Ka Adhikaari Hota Hai !


Nature abhors those who insult and colour the perceptible, which are before their senses, on the testimony of indirect knowledge !


Dukh Ki Chinta Mein Vivrat Na Raho -Dukh Ka Bhav Kisi Ko Bhi Aanandit Nahi Kar Sakata; -Pratyut Manushya Ko Kaise Sukhi Bana SakogeKaisa Vyavhaar Paane Par Manushya Aanand Paata Hai -Aur Wh Kaise Kiya Ja Sake Ityadi Chinta Karo,Aur Karya Mein Lag Jaa-O ; -Swayng Bhi Sukhi Hoge Aur Doosare Ko Bhi Waisa Bana Sakoge !


Intelligence and wide-outlook cometh from mental cleanliness and love alone, but ignorance and dejection are the outcome of conflict, disbelief and disinterestedness!


Do not hesitate to give up Jealousy, if you want to be endangered in wrong path by making yourself ugly !

Activity cometh from love, firmness and cheerfulness, and, drowsiness, inactivity, misery and unrest are the
outcome of detachment!
A man of wider outlook can discern a golden opportunity of prosperity and jolliness amidst dangers, difficulties, sorrows and sufferings.

Whereas a man of narrower outlook will furnish impossibility and unsuccess among all good things, it is an unprecedented uncured trouble of ill-fate!


To be prosperous try for ever to get rid of the habit of finding faults with others,
find out the good qualities which are present in man,
think of it, speak of it, and discuss about it.
Try to be careful, so that one’s fault may not cause injury to you.

To think “I cannot do it”, or to have doubts about being able, actually creates the inability; banish the “no” or the doubt from being able, be persistent and try, and success is right in front of you!


The more quickly and naturallyone feels inspired, the more spontaneous and unstoppableis one’s efficiency in work.


What enlivens, elevates, and delights your being and makes everyone elated as it spreads into the environment -if anything is to be called happiness,it is this.


Idleness, “I cannot”, “It cannot be”, “It can’t be done”,- be careful and alert about all such thoughts and conduct, for they easily infect the progeny, and the environment becomes contaminated by them; as a result family, society and country become ignorant, stupefied and depressed, and thus are utterly ruined in terrible poverty.


Procrastination is the friend of idleness, the guide to the spoiling of work; so bid farewell to procrastination by doing what is to be done immediately; efficiency and success will be your servants.


Tumhara Chalan Aur Wachan Hi Kah Deta Hai-Tum Kaise Manushya Ho, Kya Chaahate Ho-Aur Kyaa Paa Sakate Ho!


Talk, thought, dealings and activities of a man declare, redeem and indicate what he really is and, what he can get !


Doing, adhering, watching and ascertaining, these factors establish comprehension, knowledge, competency and success!


Surrender to thy Ideal continue to move on with faithfulness, gratitude and efficiency by smashing and tackling the problems that come forth as obstacles; know it for certain that you will be crowned with success!


Sandeh Jahan Sahaaj Hai, Sankoch Wahaa Swaabhaavik Hai!

३४ निद्रा

चेतन रहना भगवान का आशिरवाद है

और यह चेतना ही है जिवन

तुम वयथॅ मे निद्रा को साध कर न लाओ
उतना हि सोओ जिसके फलसवरूप और भी उददीपत हो उठ सको


Sahaj Vaishishhtyasambhoot Sanskaar -Jisey Lekar Manushhy Janmgrahan Karataa Hai, Aur, Jiske Phalswroop Paaripaarshwik Usey Jis Prakaar Se Grahan Karataa Hai- Wahi Hai Daiv ;-Aur, Purushhkaar Hai Wh Vaishishhtynihit Kshamataa -Jo Manushhy Ko Prakrit Banaakar Prakriti Aur Paaripaarshwik MeParichaalanaa Karti Hai !


Astitv Me Grathit Hokar Yaa Astitv Par Adhikaar Karke Jo Bhaav Uskey Dwaaraa Anupraanit Aur Niyantrit Hokar Chintaa, Chalan Aur Karm Me Pratiphalit Hotaa Hai Wahi Hai Wastutah Aadhyaatmiktaa!

78 YOG

Kisi Me Yukt Yaa Aasakt Hone Ko Hi Us Vishhay Me Yog Kahaa Jaataa Hai ;-Isiliye, Vishhayaanukram Se Hi Yog Ki Bhi Awasthaa Aur Parinaam Nirbhar Kartaa Hai !


Jinke Samast Sankalp Kuchh Yaa Kisi Me Nyast Huye Hain Arthaat Samast Sankalp Karm Ko Niyantrit Karke, Kuchh Yaa Kishi Ke Bhi Jeevan Aur Vardhan Ko Uchchhal Kar Dete Hain Wey Hi Hain San-nyaasi !


Anjaan Kalpana Se Tum Apne Bhagwaan Ko Murt Karne Ki Cheshhtaa Nahi Karo, -Vyarth-taa Me Chira-wasann Hone Kaa Path Mat Banaao ! Jahaan Tumhaari Sabhi Yaa Adhikaansh Vritiyan Saarthak Hoti Hain Wahaan Apne Prayojan, Preeti Bhakti Aur Prem Ko Niyojit Karo, Tumhaare Bhagwaan Wahin Tumhaare Bodh Me Prakrit Hokar Prakat Honge, -Jaisey, Shree Krishn Me Arjun Ke Bhagwaan!-Bh-y Nahi,-Bhranti Tumhe Vipathgaami Nahi Banaa Sakegi !


Sandhyaa Aur Praarthanaa Se Virat Nahi Hona, Aur, Ishey Bhaavmadhur Kar Bodh Sahit Aakul Sumbeg Me Jitnaa Hi Kar Sakoge, Utanaa Hi Tumhaare Man Ko Uddipt W Pavitra Kar, Swaasthya Aur Charitra Ko Unnat Karegi;-Phalswarup Sewaa, Aishwairy – Vyavhaar Aur Karm-patuta Se Anushhikt Ho Tumhe Abhinandit Karengi –Sandeh Nahin!


Tum Dharm Ko Jabhi Waastwik Rup Se, Sewaa Lekar Aalingan Karoge Jeevan, Arth, Kaam, MokshTumhaari Sewaa Karenge Hi ;-Aur, Jabhi Inki Sewaa Me Anurakt Ho Tum Inke Prati Aanat Hoge, -Nishchay Jaano Ye Tumhe Patak Kar Iss Prakaar Palaayan Karenge –Ki Punah Utthaan Sakti Ko Aamantrit KaranaaTumhaare Liye Nitant Hi Parishram-saadhy Hoga; Tum Inhe Lekar Apne Ko Paaripaarshwik Ki Sewaa Me Niyojit Karo –Shreyolaabh Karoge !


Jeevan Kaa Pradhaan Lakshan Hi Hai Chetnaa, Aur, Yah Chetanaa Sphurit Hoti Hai Paaripaarshwik Jeevan Ke Sanghaat Se, – Aur, Usase Hi Hotaa Hai Vritisanhat Man Ka Utsaran ;-Punah, Yah Man Hi Anukul Aur Pratikool Ko Vivechanaa Karke Manushya Ki Parichaalanaa Kartaa Hai ; -Isliye, Tum Yadi Apni Unnati Ki, Mann Ki, Jeevan Ki Sachmuch Hi Kaamanaa Karte Ho –To Uske Liye Apne Paaripaarshwik Ko Apni Sevaa Se Aisaa Kar Do Jisase Wey Susth O Sabal Ho kar Jeevan Aur Aanand Me Prachur Ho Uthey !


Nityakarm Ki Bhaanti Apne Paariparshwik KoVyashhti O Samashhti Hisaab SeChintaa, Aalaap O Aalochanaa SahitPratidin Hi Dekhoge –Aur, Har Roj Hi Unkaa Prayojan Puran Kar SakoAisaa Kuchh,Yathaasambhav Karna ; -Dekhoge,Lakshmi Achala Ho Rahenge !


Jo Siddhi Ke Kaushal Ko Charitragat Kar Us Bhaav Me Jeevan Ko Niyantrit Karte Hain Unhi Ko Prakrit Rup Se Saadhu Kaha Jaataa Hai !


Tumhaaraa Jo Kuchh Hai Sabhi Jab Tumhaare Issht, Aadarsh Yaa Guru Me Saarthak Hone Ki Unmaadanaa Se Aapraan Ho Uthenge, Tabhi Nirbhartaa Tumhe Abhi-vaadan Karegi !


Tumhaaraa Jo Kuchh Hai Jab Sabhi Abalambit Honge Tumhaare Aadarsh Ke Upar, Tabhi Shaanti Ninad Hokar Tumhe Dhaaran Karke Rakhegi !


Anny Ke Aadarsh Ki Awagyaa Kar Apne Aadarsh Ki Pratishhthaa Karne Mat Jaao, Pratyut Swikaar Karke Sammaan Sahit Apne Aadarsh Se Mail Pratipaadan Karo, Dekhoge, Sabhi Tumhare Apne Bante Jaa Rahe Hai !


Tumhaara Prem, Bhakti Yaa PranayPremaspad Ke Bhaav MePraachury HokarYadi Yaajan Me Mukhar Nahi Huaa,To Samjhoge, KahinKishi Kinaare MeSanshay Sar ChhupaakarChor Ki TarahJhaanki Maar Raha Hai ;-Saawdhaan Ho Jaao, -Anusandhaan KarkeSanshay Mitaa Lo, -Tumhaari Bhakti Ke Plaawan SePaaripaarshwik Nishchit Plaawit Hoga Hi !


Prakrit Prem Ka Ek Aur Charitragat Lakshan Yah Hai –Priy Ka Doshh Dushht, Dukhit Aur Virakt Karke Kabhi Anuraag Ki Khamiyaan Paida Nahi Kar Sakta !


Sandeh Jahan Sahaasya Hai, Sankoch Wahaa Swaabhaavik Hai !


Aadarsh Me Tumhaara Praan Jitnaa Hi Aapraan Hogaa, Viry, Saahas Aur Viratw Utnaa Hi Tumhe Abhinandit Karenge!


Chhot Yaa Neech Tumhaare Nikat AakarJisase Kisi Tarah Samajh Na SakenKi Wh Yaa WeyChhot Yaa Neech Hain ;-Pratyut Tumhaare Saahchary Aur Sahayya SeJisase Wey Dekh Saken KiSaamane Hi Vistrit Rajpath Hai –Jise Dharkar Chalane ParManushhy Anaayaash Bada Aur PraveenHo Sakataa Hai ; Aur, Yah Tumhaara Swabhaavsiddh Ho. –Dekhoge,Manushhy Ke Jeevan Me Tum Samraat Bankar Rahoge !


Manushhy Ke Vaishishhty Sabhi Samvardit, Unnat Aur Paripushht Ho Aisi Shikshaa Hi Jeevan Ke Hit Me A-pratihat Bhaav Se Prayojniya Hai ;-Isliye Shikshaa Ki Dhaara Bhi Aisi Honi Chaahiye Jisme Manushhy Vaishishhty Me Vardhansheel Hokar Unnatipravan Aur A-vyaahat Ho ;- Wahi Shikshaa Hi Jeevan Aur Samaaj Ko Samvridh Karke Amrit Ka Yaatri Banaa De Sakti Hai !


Shikshaa Ka Uddeshy Hi Hai Doosare Ke Jaanane Yaa Darshan Ko Apne Bodh Me Aayat Kar Anubhav Karanaa ;- Yh Anubhav Jahaa Jitna Prakrishht Aur Taro-taaja Hai Gyaan Bhi Wahaa Waisaa Hai ;-Yadi Shikshaa Tumhaare Bodh Me Nahi Aayii To Tum Smriti Ke Bail Ke Siwaa Aur Kyaa Ho ?


Irrshhyaa, Aakrosh Yaa Heen Bhaav Se Uddipt Jo Sikshaa Hai Wah Jeevan Aur Charitra Ko Kam Hi Sparsh Kar Sakati Hai –Yadyapi Avinyast Aur Abaadhy Sangrihit Aishwary Me Adhirudd Ho Sakati Hai; Kintu Ishht, Aadarsh Yaa Premaspad Me Bhakti Aur Prem Ki U-chchhlataa Aur Prayojan Se Jo Sikshaa Aarambh Hoti Hai Wh Wastutah Jeevan O Charitra Ko Aakraman Karke Vanshaanukramiktaa (heredity) Ko Hi Ranjit Karti Hai !


Yadi Vastutah Shikshit Honaa Chaahate To Vyawahaarik Karm Ko Aw-lamban Karo, Aur Us Karm Ke Bal Par Up-patti (theory) Kaa Anudhaawan Karo , – Dekhoge Ki Gyaani Bev-kooph Bananaa Nahi Padega !


Aur, Gyaan Kaa Arjan Desh, Kaal, Paatr Aur Dhaatu Bhed Se Naanaa Awasthaa Me Naanaa Tarah Se Ho Sakataa Hai, -Kintu Bhakti Sab Awasthaa Me, Sabake Andar, Rahani Hi Chaahiye !


Tum Jis Sthaan Par Khade Ho Usake Chaturdik Theek Se Dekh Lo –Aur, Cheshhtaa Karo Soch Kar Yah Baat Jaanane Ki Wahan Ki Kaun Kaun Si Cheej Kis Prakaar Manushhy Ke Prayojan Ki Poorti Kar Sakti Hai, -Dekhoge Ki Thode Dino Me Hi Tumhaare Man Ki Udbhaawani Arthaat Aawishhkaarinii Shakti Ud-buddh Ho Uthegi !


Do Samaan Aagrah Ya Prayojan Jabhi Tumhaare Man Par Ek-saath Aakraman Karataa Hai, Tabhi Dono Yaa Dono Me Koyee Ek Bhraanti-jal Me Doob Jaataa Hai, Tab Wh Dhundh Kar Bhi Paayaa Nahi Jaa Sakataa ;-Is-liye Yadi Smriti Ko Ujjwal Rakhanaa Chaahate,To Aagrah Yaa Prayojan Ko Apne Man Me Ek Ke Baad Doosare Ko Pravesh Karane Do ; -Smriti – Swaasthy Yadi Sundar Rahe – To Dipt Rahegi !


Mujhe Prateet Hotaa HaiSamaaj Yaa Jaati KoUnnati Ke Path ParParichaalit Karne HetuAisee Shikshaa Kaa Prayojan HaiJisase Pratyek Pariwaar MeEk Gaveshhnaagaar, Ek Shilp Kutir,Nitya Prayojniy Tar-tarkaariUtpaadanopayogi KrishiAnaayaas, Awyaahat Roop Se Chal Sake ;- Aur Aisee ShikshaaIstree-Purushh Nir-visheshh SePratyek Pariwaar Me Ho !


Yadi Kisii Vastu Yaa Kisii Ko Bhi Prem Karanaa Chaahate Ho To Usako Prem Karo Wahi Socho Aur Usii Ke Anurup Karm Me Niyojit Ho-O – Aur Iski Baadhaaon Ko Kisi Tarah Prashray Nahi Do ; Aaisi Chintaa O Chalan Se Dekh Sakoge –Tumhaara Prem Kaisaa Taro-taaja Hokar Karm Me Uchchhal Ho Plaavan Ki Tarah Bahataa Chal Rahaa Hai, Tript Hoge Sandeh Nahi !


Tumhare Antar Me Jabhi Kuchh Bhalaa Kaary Karne Kaa Aaweg Aa Rahaa Ho To Usey Aw-ruddh Karne Ke Bajaay Tat-kshan Karm Ke Jariye Usako Murt Karane Me Lag JaaO—Dekhoge Ki Usame Thode Dino Me Hi Tumhaari Ichchhashakti Kitni Jeevant Ho Uthegi !


Jisake Adhigaman Se, Sang Se Yaa Aalochanaa Se Manushhy Hit Me Adhishhthit Yaa Uneet Ho Sakata Hai Usey Hi Waastvik Me Saahitya Kahaa Jaa Sakata Hai !







Suneeti Ya Suniyam Kishi Ko Bhi Jabardasti Karke Swayng Ko Anusharan Karaana Nahi Chaahata; Kintu Jo Mangal Chaahata Hai-Yadi Wah Anusharan Karata Hai, To Mangal Ushe Nandit Karega Hi-Sandeh Nahi!

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Magna Dicta

By Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra

Immunity from contagious ideas against the conviction for the fulfillment of principle, is strength of character.
Cohesive urge by which sperm and ovum adhere and evolve is libido the urge.
Fusional adherence that evolves into being with respective becoming, is life.
Neurotics are fanatically obstinatein passions, but weak in principle.
Where love concentrates, there the being dwells.

Greed for vanity is repellent to love and treacherous to gratefulness.
Love from flattered vain glory ends in enmity.
Love that dose not nurture life and growth is witchy in character.
Leave not your love to lust; know it for certain—that will dwindle you with a thrashing push into the grinning hell of despair.
Passionate insincerity supports irrational expectant jealous love.
Love imparts blooming blossom and lust makes a man gloomy.
Love is seldom mutual but it has a magnetic pull hence love makes the Love, love with love.
More alive the adherence to the Ideal, more is man unshocked and unshaken.
Love-shock is the shock that shakes the source of vital flow!

Grace and Gracious favour are the outcome of unexpectant serviceable love with a tenor of thyness.
Gratuitous love is the leaven of heaven whereas expectant love is a siren call that drags down to devil.
When demands growls without any service that nurtures and blooms with applause to offer herself as a grateful gift, where treachery under the veil of sincere uprightness leads to betray, choking the heart, and when love rebounds with a grab for kisses of passionate lust, forbearance is duped, persecutory delusions haunt with shattered discontent, regard regrets there!
If your love does not revere one’s love, your love will not be loved.
Love without love-service is ever sterile.
Love with no inclination for those who love the love is to be suspected!
Shame to love that betrays and fie, fie on the love that recedes, without any pursuit of perseverance,from theBelovedin distress, unresisting!
Fie to love that effulges not with ardent, sincere and serviceable adherence, that fulfils not and sprouts not up with a persevering forbearance in persecution with every blossomed content!
Leaning to acquisition from ambitious origin is the swindling of illegimate sexuality under the veil of wisdom-monging; whereas love launches to fulfill the Beloved with sublimed divinity whence wisdom effulges to the zenith of glory!
Selfish love that winks with a venerative move to fulfill his own desire can scarcely comply, because of dilatory will, the wishes of Beloved with a self-complaisant immediately: hence it drags one down to despair.
Passion according to its phase, provokes to tutor aggrandizing ambition in the culture of deluding habits and behaviour; attachment invokes to educate wise nessin the need to fulfill the wishes of the Love with habits and behaviour adjusted, with every meaningful concernment.
Service that broods out of devoutness, picking affectionate offers,proclaims the genesis of Love!
Lucid love with fertile vigilance, wishes to discern things consistent with the love with a steady attachment; passionate turbidity always goes without inquisitiveness, to a sterile satisfaction, with a flickering monotony.
He who loves his vanity more, loves his Love less.
When love betrays the Love with a rationalized, hypocritic pierce, urge rebounds, conscience pricks, weakness winks, vain-glory screams with all its ambitious tendrils, false appeasement flowers intoxicated with the blackening obnoxious, zeal comes forth with an odious fragrance, cynic insincerity crawls with a power-loving aspirations!
In love is a concentration of energy,in lust a seduction there of.
Love makes one steady, unquivering, majestic and active with every cautious insight.
Love fails to fulfill contentment where unlike,opposite leaning serves with a passionate delicious dish !
When the Ideal is awake in man, he is active, agile, inquisitive, responsible, alert and tactful, in a word all faculties bloom and glow.
Never be procrastinating to your principle :ill-fated failure will drag down your achievement—beware !
Be conversant with them who love Lord the Love unrepelling and be in love with love– the way to heaven ;and that is the way to love, knowledge and bliss.
Do love the Lord and him who fulfils Him and do forbid and resist the cross that He shall be crucified no more !
To ignore the source is to be deprived of resources.
Prophets are the materialized living embodiments of the way to heaven hence man can seldom approachGod but by them!

Lord is come the watch of our bread is come!
Repel the devil by resistance and win by love.
Sympathetic in-tuned feeling that leads one to be delighted with fulfillment as if his own, is the index of love.
Love reveals admiration, service and offer of gratitude with every sincerity ;lust creates demand, deprivation andnegligence with every lassitude.
Blessed is the sentiment that enjoys self-complaisance in service the superior even through hindrance andpersecution.
We love our Lord—we worship God through our love for Him.
To comply with the wishes of Beloved the Superior with every uphill contentment in the shortest reaction-time, is the crucial measure to test that the complexes are adjusted with a meaningful achievement.
Any gratuitousunrestricted daily offerto Superior Belovedachieved through energeticvolition and ability,renders onegraduallyabler and ablerwith an undauntedenergy within—that makes one rockyin his standwhere others quiverin a stormy blast—and that is called”Samarthi Yoga.”
Non-responsive, non-participating,Non-persuasive, non-pursuing,Non-coordinating and non-reconcilingattitudewithout any patienthearing to understand,are the deaf disqualificationsof a moving manwho has the charge of moving othersto ordinating integrationfor the fulfillment of principle.
Non-compliant ignoring of the wishesof the chosen Belovedis the tokenthat the love is selfish,fragile and frivolous.
A learned powerwho with unblassed posenever encouragingly inclines towardsnor induces servicefor the Ideal, principle andprocess of being and becomingand never opposes,nor rules to check the deterioratinginfluencesto make service of becoming free to roll,showing a compromising pitybetween Satan and Godliness,is surely a licensed of heaven :to him woe is welcome!
Whoever serves the environmentfor his own sakeshall lose it,and he who does itfor Lord’s sakeshall be crowned !
Blessed is he who loves the Lordabove all—grace blowswith a blossomed fragrance,and the Lordfor them,is baffled with a tinyflickering grace ;he who loves the environmentand the Lord equally,bastard is the love in him ;and when one loves the Lordwith every ardent desireand loves the environmentonly for Himwith all shining service,heaven comes stretching its handwith the crown of lovethat glows and shines others too !
Where the prophet dwells,devils are near about !where the Lord shines,devil grins !where good is in glowthere folk will flow !to ignore the goodsmile the blood.
Any effort,any acquisition,any wealth that goesto fulfill anythingabove whichthe Lord is not enthroned,isfutilethrough the conflictof complexesthat falter !
Any repulsion for anythingin the Lordis the insincereunsurrendered obsessionthat leads to insane,deviatingingratitudewhich drags downwith a passionate drawto the hellto grin !
Foetid fault ovulatesand hatches betrayalin himwho loves the lover of Lordbut does not love Lord’s ownto whom the Lord is darling.
Indolent self-denial inserving the Idealis a hypocricy of surrenderthat hurls downwith a dragto shatter.
Sweet tongue,exalting habits and behaviourwith servicesand unexpecting devoted adherenceto the Idealis the royal road to win.
Indolent self-denial inserving the Idealis a hypocricy of surrenderthat hurls downwith a dragto shatter.
Sweet tongue,exalting habits and behaviourwith servicesand unexpecting devoted adherenceto the Idealis the royal road to win.
To materializethe wishes of Belovedthe Lovewith every fulfillmentand sharp tactful immediacy—throwing behindallother calculating back-out tenorsis the only wayto achieve love, energyand perfect skill.
Do and do materializewith every immediacy,in desired time,the wishes of your Superior Belovedas you are asked for—managing all events and affairsfor success—this is the only wayto thrive with efficiency.
Beware of that manwho seeks favourat the expense of Love-Lord–the sourceof his fate !
Unity of purposeinvites amityand unison of principlecreates friendshipand brotherhood.
Constancyto fulfill the Idealinvites the constitutionthat fulfils.63Whatever thou artbe ever sincere to thy Lordand do what He speaks to theewith every tenaciousardent immediacythat is the only wayto earn the urge for success.
  1. 64Do , liveand save all—let thy untotteringadherenceto the Lordbe thy thunder-wand.

All the wisdom of previous prophetsis conscientiously concentratedin the divine Manof the present,–hence He the way to heaven.
To follow andmaterialize in timethe mandate of the Lord,is a treasureof luckand heaven.
God is one, Dharma is one,Prophets are same, –servers of the One;conflict and animosity with any ofthemproclaims the presenceof opposite – the Satan;surrender to the Supreme is the saucethat brings heavendownto the soul and service;do love, do serve, do surrender,do ever for Providence,the Lord, the Ideal, the source of all sources,with every inter-interested serving zealthat serves the Ideal–Fulfiller the best of the past andpresentWhose presence is to fulfill not to destroy !utter and act with every enthusiasm,surrender to the enlightened and only !surrender to the enlightened Seersthat are fulfillers of the past,surrender to the Fathers thatfollow the right way,surrender to Varnasram thatevolves out of Providence,surrender to the all-fulfillingFulfiller of the present, this is the Aryan path’this is Dharma that upholds existence,this the eternal truththat all are to surrender to !
Do meditate Mantra on thy Lorddawn and night,do repeat the Holy Namementally and meaningfullyin all the movements of daily life,do materialize the directionsof the Guru in due time—that is Tapas—the way to achievement !
Let every one,out of the urge to fulfill his Lord,be conversantly conscious of hisneighbour provinces and sistercountriesand willingly serve them dailyas his own,with his daily earningswith every good wish :that is the blessedwayto make all adequatelyinter-interested,with every nurtureof progressive prosperity.
Self-conceited devoutnessis ever blindto protectand nurture his Lord.71Provide Providence,protect thy Lordinthoughts and deed–that will process you all,—ever !
Keep thy Lord unshokedby pains and calamitieswith alert, serviceableand adjusting manipulation,–thus protectthyselfthereby !
Esteemed revering attitudefor the Superioris the only esteemed guideto progressive attachment.
When sufferingand abhorrence in lifefail to set up repugnanceagainst Ideal, principle,cult and cultureand to prompt perverse ventures,there lies manhood, educationand wisdom,-
-frailty is off,eyes glow,heart smiles,mind is adjusted up !
He is the existence of all that exists,thereby He, the Sat ;He is the responsivenessof all that respond,so Chit—that He is ;He is the becomingof each that becomes,thus He, the Ananda as known,He made Him Himself,–materialized with the matterof Sat-Chit-Anandathat of Him and Hiswhich is and was.
He who loves the lover of the Lordbut does not longto love the Lordis the forging dupethat feignsto fulfill selfishmotiveloving none !
Do love,enjoy—and wisdom !
Righteous inclination,contented offer with serviceand unrepelled forbearancein persecutionare the angelsthat fulfill the Lovewith ardent enthusiasm !
Miracle, mercy or might-mongingis the indolent, weakling tenorof ignorancethat may dupe oneto the dogswithoutimparting sincere,tenacious adherenceto righteousnessthat zeals character.
Where mind thinks of Belovedwith every wistful interest,–repelling all repellants,mental chastity glowswithchasteness !
Where effortsto serve the interest of Beloved,zeal abilitywith a refusalof foreign contact,chastity dwellsin physique !
And where coordinating fulfillmentof spirit, mind and physiquedwells in every eager contentmentin the interest of Beloved,normal chastity smiles !
Persevering forbearance in persecution,serviceable self-contentmentand loving offer,unrepelled, tenaciousadherenceare the indicatorsof genuine love.
Where love adhereswith untottering,sincere,serviceable righteousness,the spirit is chaste.
Whoever loves or serves oneor manyshall lose thembut he who loves or serves Oneor manyfor his Beloved the Lord,shall have them !
Where love loves the Lovemore than anythingis loved,being serves therewith a kneeling admiration,ovationandforbearanceof persecution !
Never miss to takewhat you ought to do,–and be seldom a preyto mistake.
Judge onewhen you can place yourselfin his positionout and out.
Where temples are enlivenedwith love and regard,tempters loiterin the vicinity border !
To thrive on—from the savings of output—to ensure the nurtureof life and growthwith all their budding traits,is theinterestthat pushes one up !
A servant for moneyis often disqualifiedto master the same,—hence wealth mourns awaywith insignificant glow.
Progressive profitable adjustmentof household affairsthat makeseach and all inter-interestedwith their environmentinan equitable distributionof norm and nurtureis economyas I think.
To enhance idle moneyprofitablyfor renovating people in generalby serviceis banking as I think.
What invites specific talentsand aptitudesas begotten gift,is the specificationof `Varna’.
Mother nurtures the seed,Father blooms in child!
Never wipe offthe genuine pedigreed shrubs,otherwise you lose once for allthe genuine genesof the varietalgroupingsthat specialize.
Hypergamous polygyny is more sacredthan to be wedded with the divorced—hence adulterated ;and chastehypergamous monogynywith selfcontented virginal cleaveis ever virtuous ;but it is a hell to the motherwho bindsherselfagain in nuptial bonds.
Contented, virtuous hypergamous monogynywith an auto-interestedserving zealthat makes each other cleavein a psycho-physical weddingis the monumental,virgin ascetic endowmentof societythat begets godly traditionand makes many up ;whereas hypergamous polygynywith contended auto-serviceable adherenceis encouragingas it begets a variety of traitsof superior caliber.
Ovum—the soilshould be bio-physically adaptedand nurturing to the seedand that is the processto fertilize for agoodprogeny.
Hypogamy is the parentthat begetsmonstrous effulgenceof distortionwhich drags the society downto the boisteroushellof disintegration.
Any education,quality, learning or famethat does not fulfill Belovedthe Lordwith every meaningfulprogressiveadjustmentis fascinating harlotthat deviates the peopleto dogswith an enchanting hoax.
Bio-educated traitsare the degreediplomaed by nature.
Literation makes thecomplexes facilitatedwhereaseducation enlightens the being,hence its index, habits andbehaviorglows on in asonorous rhyme.
Interested, Interdependentacceleration to becomingof every individualby which being is nurturedaccording to itspositionand special aptitude,with due resistance to evil,—that’s the Politicsand Lawto follow.
Organized equitable individual libertywith an apt economicprovisional balanceand biological evolutionof culturethatmakes the beingprogressive to the unboundedeternal entityis the fundamentof Socialistic Indo-Aryanism.
Common electorate, adult franchiseand responsible abilitiesin the right placewith integrating becomingofresponsiveself-administrationare the angelsof democratic independence.
Administrative organizationof the peoplein a varietal groupingof individuals with similar instinctsthat makes each one serve otherswith an auto-induced instinctive hankercreating an inter-related cosmosin the disintegrated chaos of individuals—ever enunciatingthe principle of life and growthand thus evolvinginto a natural concentrationof constituted monitorial monarchyis the consummationof the republican State.
Which people stand on is State, Government is the administration and djustment to fulfill the people.
Every country should prepare herself with every needful resource against terrific emergencies of her sister countries— similarly every province, district or community should be prepared for sister provinces, districts or

  1. communities and this is the only material cementing interest that makes each other interested for progressive life and growth making misery
  2. materially impossible.

Vox mundum expletorivox supreme deivoice of the fulfiller of all mankindis the voice of the SupremeGod.
Do move the mobrepeatedly—in newer manners,to have them move on.
Where the disciplesare of the same principlewith every sincerity,discipline is automatic.
To dwellbeing a darlingin the temple-houseof the Lordwith an inter-interestednormal service of love,is the freedomthat heaven dictates.
Extreme the attachment,tremendous the move.
Undue allurementinvites ingratitude.
The psycho-physical mouldingof objects and affairsto fulfill the interestof the Principal,unfurling the facultiesof perception, conception,discretion and remembrancewith a shortening of the reaction timeis the fundamentof concentrationand meditation.
Where purposewith its exuberant urgefor the principletransmutes obstaclesto materialize itselfinto realityin the way of becoming,Mukti or Salvation dwells therewith a showery,effulgent zeal !
Wiser is he who can see and reckon his faults and adjust accordingly

  1. for betterment.

All the aspects of the discrete resolving into a meaningful concrete

  1. with divine amity and wisdom which effulge into character and personality,
  2. is the normal indication of a saint ; Hence He the normal Master of Justice.

Perception of pulsations of evils and good in the seeming good and evils

  1. with apt adjustment, is the characteristic of the enlightened.

Ingratitude, selfishness and mean-minded service make a good beverage

  1. to Satan and the unfortunate.

When grief, sorrow and suffering do not make one consider one’s own frailty

  1. but that of others only, apathy, hatred and jealousy come creeping.

Any communal hatred of a community against another which adores and follows any Prophet, is a sin to the community, a curse on the followers

  1. and blasphemy to the prophets.

When they find none to blame, They blame one— That’s God ; only then Satan looks to Him !
Profiteering arbitration always deplores compassionate justice.
The unscrupulous selfish are always wisely foolish and brazenfaced,—

  1. luxurious deprivers of self in lust of lucre, and harmful to others !

Ill, idle, self-conceited admitters of fault are often harmful backbiters

  1. like the serpent.

The unfortunate generally blame others.
Terrific taunt Mortifies the soul !
Organized material adjustment of affairs for the spirit invokes its advent

  1. that enlivens !

Ovational denying of the command of Lord only to preserve His life and progress, is blessed— and God smiles thereto !
Be in timed accuracy in what you ought to do in the affair, to well up your purpose.
The unfortunate are enlightenedly used to ignore to materialize the advice of the experienced.
Ignoring, unserving and covetous selfishness is a dazzling friend of ingratitude which asserts foolish priority that deprives.
Non-violence alone can seldom help much in the elevation of soul ;

  1. do love, do ransack evil and do ransom it with good nurturing service,—
  2. thus be alert and inquisitive to control and beat violence off, and elevate one to the Divine— The Lord !

The self-centric are always conscious of self and blind to others— so they are of impaired farsightedness.
Nature is ordained to resist and rule evil, and nurture Existence to exist.
All the prophets of the past converge and awaken in that of the present ;

  1. love to Him is love to all— in the worship of God.

Contentious, communal difference is the hellish distance from prophets, God and Dharma but service and spiritual kinship are near to them.
Diary is the dairy of experience.
Glow of character glows the temperament of the environment.
Discontent dooms effort and achievement, whereas contented ardour

  1. for the source is the course that pushes to success !
Conceiving, exerting, and achieving are the factors on which will rolls.
Protect thy life, Similarly others too— With rights and riches.
Selfish comparative calculation is a drier that evaporates admiration, love and regard, but sympathetic, serving consideration makes them blooming.
God is ever autocratic but Satan desecrating.
Surrender to the Supreme is the bliss that beams benign autocracy of automatic love and service.
Knavish fools are generally ungrateful,unserving and selfish—conceited criticswith a philosophyof negation !
Allurement that serves not to progressive profit,is a lure to Satanic fall.
Constancy to fulfill the Ideal invites the Constitution that fulfills.
Be prudent and be bathed in repenting penance, then beg pardon with a follow of fulfilling zeal— may bliss with amity embrace you !
Do serve— Service will serve you Equally.

Consider, seek out thy fault, do correct, adjust and behave accordingly,
  1. perfection will approach with the crown of success and adorement.

Sameness of self-centred interest often begets enmity.
Unity of purpose invites amity and unison of principle creates friendship

  1. and brotherhood.

Knowledge that does not know to apply, is dazzling ignorance.
Haphazard activity creates quake in success and invites troubles

  1. with disappointment.
It is better to be an active fool than an idle wise!

Alert, principled and organized integrity with power, piety and forbearance
  1. invite peace and progress.
Compromise of common interest is the comrade of misery.
Knowledge lodges in man and man is the way to have it.
Non-violence that nurtures, shelters or encourages evil and violence
  1. is violence alias non-violence and is a sin that defies society.
Hinder your fall And hinder the fall of others too; Fall will fly away.
Do and be wedded to time with a dowry of tactfulness and get an issue of success.
Illusive opinion is seldom conscious of its own error, hence it foams away from fact and correction and mourns enthroned on the tragedy of unsuccess.
Pursue time with a typhoon push to achieve the aim more and more.
Politics nurses the life and good and Dharma upholds it : hence in a conflict
  1. of Politics and Dharma, Dharma should be followed.
To think all is determined is the outrage to terminates God the Infinite.
Refracted voluptuous error tends to one-sided decision.
Baffled are the traits that are not regulated through surrender to the divine man.
Knowledge begets experience, experience is the fundus of wisdom.
To do is be, to be is to know.
Resist evil but arouse not grudge.
To rely on wobblers is the fallen call of deception.
Carelessness is the falcon of misery.

Never nurture the vile, vice shall volley in volumes.
Unprofitable allurement lures to discontent, indolence and ingratitude ;
  1. but exalted offerings make the ability effulgent.
Be thou friendly majestic with thoughts, talks and serving behaviour
  1. and have a majestic conduct to mould environment.
Demand without pleasing service is the command that invites dissatisfaction.
Sluggish interest is the sister of ignorance and bad luck.
Fish and flesh are the irony of the food.
Quit exploiting, come to exalt, be one of us and be exalted.
Howling of dogs proclaims the advent of man in the darkness.
Do to others as you would be done by— but expect not in return.
Be confident of ability but vanity for ability is the debility that leads to unsuccess.
Do never die, Nor cause death But resist death To death.
Unhindered evil hinders existence by its venomous snap.
Passion flairs by resistance, applause and appreciation cools it down.
Polluted mentality often transfuses into others with every vanity !
Wives of the great are always hindered ! so, they are seldom happy.
Dishonest people are generally irresponsible and passionately sensitive,
  1. whereas the honest ones are always responsible and sentimentally zealous.
Complexes are delirious strong— duped with strongly licentious deteriorating stimuli which usurp faculties and services that make becoming profitable
  1. with environment hence being is cloudy and weakly nourished ; so urge and activity weep with thready thrills ; and when the service that enlightens
  2. being and becoming glows, dazzles and divers the interest of complexes ;
  3. they, the servants of the cliquish ignorant, howl,— shout with a blind dashing blow and attempt to disturb and demolish the servants of godly
  4. becoming yet the throne of heaven succeeds with successful glory
  5. through narrow insults— that are made divine.
When notion deludes facts and deprives conception, error invites with faulty seduction to hell !
Lazy urge talks much,— but moves with every deviation by the call of immediate need on a vanity of success—sacrificing service to complex.
Resist evil immediately when it drags you to commit evil without any good consequence.
Any obsession that hinders the way to achieve is the female emissary to failure : hence ignore and do undo it immediately !
Decency is the essence of conscientious adjustment of habits.

Morale of the environment moulds the tongue.
It is villain—vile to be non-violent to violence.
He who seeks compromise in the ignoring insult of Ideal and Principle
  1. that enlivens being and becoming, without any defence of upright fight that convinces, is surely a hypocritic coward –that declares his origin!
It is vile to resist evil with every aptitude when it is revealed.
The shelter and support of treachery is the treacherous protector of evils
  1. that dooms the environment to death with the contamination of Satanic hell— woe the treacherous and more woe to those that support— for hell is permanent to them with the haunt of living, invisible burning fire that leads to despondency and despair.

Longing, enticing, selfish service, inordinate passionate cry and intolerance

  1. are the bawds of devil which with a deluded, designing watch, seduce the complex to cater to lust !

When Ego, the shine of existence, concentrates through the convexity

  1. of obsessed complex, ambition creeps on,— inferiority smiles with a cynic eye.

Woe to him who declines with taunting treacherous betrayal, the Ideal, process and principle of enlivening uplift of being and becoming –the essence and existence : woe to him who compromises with such a one :

  1. oh ye beware and be not so fallen ! defy, decry and turn him with a convincing, generous, daring dash !

Lo ! Verily do I ware— keep yourself always with every righteousness

  1. keen, tactful and alert that you can cope with the complexes with all their obsessions— that hinder to impart the bliss of heaven, and adjust the chaos into a cosmos with every sharpness in word and deed !

Mere appeal to forgive without any inclined service of elatement, is a downright hypocritic deal that drags down with a genteel aristocracy

  1. of customary apology.

Frailty seeks excuse, will exerts, to achieve.
Incompetent haste is a gutter to waste.
Unrevenged persecution to the innocent makes their lives deteriorate.
Where urge flows on with a responsive contentful compliance enticement weeps, hindrance screams, persecution pants, the repellent are repelled

  1. with conscientious rebuke, service waves light with fragrant fumes,
  2. adherence awakes with every smiling bliss.

When luxury deprives the call of life, outrage outbreaks like a hunger-stricken demon with an ardent effulgence for life and a faltering fright

  1. to perish.
To demand without any satisfactory service is a taunt to grateful gift !
To rule oneself is to adjust oneself with one’s environment towards life and growth,— and that is the autocracy which nature dictates.
Do not excite the need of luxury in a man; excite his love for the principle.
Be equipped and organized with your immediate environs with service of soul : thus make your existence firm ; then try for further becoming
  1. with a furtherance of further services after a push of further magnanimous magnitude; then with appliances of services that make the further environment approach towards further becoming, elude the obstacle that looms before and make your becoming move with a bigger existence of bigger environs.

Never attend anyone with an argumentative approach but tactful, interesting talk with sympathetic hearing and due appreciation brings out blissful, active support and embrace from the core of one’s heart.
Derivative insight into the intent of a word is the proper guidance to its proper use and effect ; whereas a lazy hearsay conception is a misguider

  1. to attain the fact.

Never be in clash with the resourceful, intelligent and honourable;

  1. but carry your purpose for the principle in so tactful and elating a manner
  2. that you may get good, friendly, active service which may bring self-complaisance to them and you.

Curious, inquisitive liking begets memory.
He who sees everything in Him—the Self, and He in everything, in sense and essence, is a Sage.
Attend to redress calamities with cautious service, evading untoward effect,— it’s the natural characteristic of a kinsman and a friend.
It is not much what one says ; the test is there— ‘how people respond.’
Sham refusal of gratuitous offer is a sober ingratitude that leads one

  1. soberly down, but exalting grateful exposition makes one exalted.

Loyal uni-centric love-learning in thoughts and deeds, acts like opsonin

  1. that leads one to fulfill the principle of life in accordance with the wishes of the Love.

Profitable run in every step— There peeps education.
When false rumour misleads confidence, ignore not your confidence,

  1. have it resettled,— *live confidence will conserve you from calamities.

God cares little what one thinks, but He sees how one behaves and what one does !
Do behave as you think good, and do sincerely what is opt thereto.
To relax hypergamous eugenic relation is to deprive the country

  1. of efficient brains, to face terrific emergency !

Serve, but do not destroy one’s self-helping ability.
What you ought to do, do in time, or it will go to the dustbin !
Never serve one ignoring one’s mind, your service will go to the dogs!
Demand of equality breaks the bearing of unity and equity makes it.
When people unite in a common unit— the Ideal— with service and surrender to fulfill— that makes every life launce into growth that upholds,

  1. strength or power evolves, rule of love glows, democratic autocracy shines
  2. with the speed of glory and freedom in a normal constitution, –that is natural democracy as I mean.
However enormously armed with heaps of ammunition you be, abortive it is until ingenious, moral resistance against the vile is undaunted.
Those who have no freedom themselves can not make others free!
Blessed is he who chooseth Lord in love for love with a follow of contented forbearance in persecution ; heaven comes forth to elect him with a crown
  1. that shines to make others shine,— freedom glows there ; but those who have not that bliss of freedom, cannot make others free ; hence, it is a misery to be drawn through them to freedom !

If traditional Varnashramic division of professional labour be established,—

  1. rinsed and renovated,— unemployment will be off, efficiency will be on, capability will spring up, unfurling of instinctive talents will effulge, State will stay on unresisting !

He, the man who is supported by the majority of every community as their own, is the blessed normal Representative of human society and a boon to democracy and life to election.
When every individual with his community for the common interest to uphold the mission of life and growth with every free access, enters in a common platform conjointly to serve one another to hasten prosperity and welfare

  1. of every socio-individual truly, it may be called a blessed Socio-communistic Democratic Congress.

To adore the great with devoted service is the way to be great, because bliss is materialized in them through their devotion and worship.
To adore the Great, ignoring the God, is a meaningless, tuberous exuberance that melts all in despondence!
Is there any ‘ism’ in God ! He is the consummation of all ‘ism’, so He is sacred, and surrender is the only sacrament, Providence is His name thereby!
God is for all, Prophets are for all, no compartment,— but they are the fulfillers of all compartments in their equity; to create; ism’ is the Satanic dissuasion of people from unity— the God !
Where surrender is the essential life-tenor of Dharma, uphold of existence,

  1. renunciation of passionate crave and adherence and service to the Ideal are the normal tenor and tune; can it be of a democratic form? God is ever auto-cratic, Dharma—Providence—the Law of life and becoming is ever auto-cratic, Prophets are ever auto-cratic, will-to-achieve should ever surrender to it.
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Picture of Anukul Thakur a great Guru,mystic a...

The Pursuit of Truth.


Atulchandra Bhattacharrya was one of the dearest devotees of Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, the Supreme Love. His employment was to take him away from Pabna, where he was posted as stationmaster at the Bajitporeghat steamer station. So on the eve of the inpending painful separation from his Beloved he felt extremely distressed and prayed with tears of love that Thakur with His own hand write down messages to guide him and keep him ever inspired with divine thought-currents. This was in the Bengali year 1316 (1910 A. D.) when Thakur was only twenty-two years old. Then in one spontaneous outpouring, in the course of one night, Sree Sree Thakur wrote down these messages unfolding everlasting life and light. The prayer of the devotee had ushered into the world the benign flow of celestial stream that would enliven him along with every other human soul through the ages. Since the Bengali year 1325 (1918 A. D.) these supreme messages have been made available as the book called Satyanusaran (The Pursuit of Truth). In 1950 A. D. it was translated into English by the publisher, with the assistance of R. A. Hauserman. In the presence of Sree Sree Thakur, the translation was read out, discussed and compared with the Bengali by the publisher, Krishna Prasanna Bhattacharyya, Sarat Chandra Halder, Prafulla Kumar Das, Nani Gopal Chakraborty, E. J. Spencer, R. A. Hauserman and others; and it received Sree Sree Thakur’s approval.
— The Publisher
The degeneration of humanity began at that moment
when the unseen God was made infinite and,
ignoring the Seers, the worship of Their Sayings began.
Oh Mankind! If you desire to invoke your God, forget sectarian conflict.
Be regardful to all the past Prophets.
Be attached to your living master or God and
take only those who love Him as your own.
Because all the past Prophets are consummated
in the divine Man of the present.
Oh you who would devotees be with hope for name and riches.
Don’t make me your Lord & Master.

  1. First of all, we must wage war on weakness. We must be bold and brave; for weakness is sin incarnate! Drive it away at one – this depressing, blood-sucking vampire! Say – you are bold, the offspring of Might; believe – you ARE a son of Father the Supreme! Before all else, be daring, be sincere. Then it is clear you have the right to enter the kingdom of heaven. With the least weakness you cannot be truly sincere, and so long as your thoughts and words do not agree, the dirt within shall not be touched. Once word and thought become alike, the dirt cannot collect within. The hidden rubbish floats up in words and sin cannot remain within. Failure need not be weakness; to fail to try is weakness. If, despite your all-out effort in anything, you fail to succeed, no harm; carry on; don’t stop! That unblemished effort must carry you toward the goal. Weak minds are always suspicious. They can never trust. Their faith has been lost; so they are generally sickly, tricky, sensually inclined. For them, all of life is a burning. Ultimately joy and sorrow are dissolved in despair. What is pleasure, what is pain, they cannot differentiate. If asked, they sigh, “What’s the difference!” Ever restless, their lives deteriorate in dullness. Love and regard has no place in the weak heart. To be anxious about one’s own distress, suffering or death on seeing that of others and to be broken, bewildered and distraught thereby is weakness. But the eyes of those who are strong are always seeking for a remedy in everything they do and in such a way that no one is shattered while in that condition. To find the remedy with love, as did Lord Buddha, is the sign of a courageous heart. Say not you are timid! Say not you are a coward! Say not you are evil-minded! Look towards Father! Speak fervently, “Oh, I am Your son. Within me there is no more dullness, no more weakness. I am no longer a coward! Never again forgetting. You will I run towards hell with my back towards Your light crying, ‘Darkness, darkness, darkness’!”
  2. Repent, but see that you have not to repent again. When you will be repentant for your misdeeds, at that very moment you will be pardoned by the Supreme Father, and you will understand it by the heavenly consolation you find in your heart. That will make you courteous, peaceful and cheerful. It should be understood that he who repents but commits the same blunder again, must fall soon into deadening misery. To repent in words only is not repentance at all. It is rather an obstruction to feeling repentance at heart. When real repentance comes, all its signs express themselves in varying degrees.
  3. Almost all the miseries men have in the world come from the addiction to ‘Kamini-kanchan’ (women and gold). It is better to remain as far away as possible from these two. Lord Ramkrishna enjoined on everyone to remain far, far, far away from Kamini-kanchan. If ‘Kam (lust) be dropped from ‘Kamini’, ‘ini’ (shi) becomes Ma. Poison becomes elixir. And Ma is always Mother – never ‘kamini’. To add ‘gi’ to Ma is catastrophe. Beware! Don’t lose thyself taking Ma as ‘Magi’ (fallen woman). Everyone’s Mother is the Mother of the world. Every woman is another form of one’s own Mother. Think in this fashion. If filial thoughts be not heartfelt, one should not touch woman. The farther away from them one remains, the better. Not to look upon their faces is better yet. He who only wails, “My passion and pride do not go, do not go,” will find they never go. One should become habituated to those
    activities and thoughts which have no scent of pride and passion; then the mind forgets them. If thoughts of passion and pride do not arise in the mind, how can they show up? The way out is to remain always absorbed in higher thoughts and activities. Investigation into the science of creation, mathematics and chemistry controls lust. Any kind of enticing conversation on ‘Kamini-Kanchan’ can bring attraction for them. So, the rather one stays away from such talks, the better.
  4. Contraction is dejection. Expansion is delight. There is a lack of happiness in that which brings weakness and fear in the heart and that is grief. Desire unfulfilled is misery. Don’t expect anything. Be preparing for every situation. What can grief do to you? Nobody is miserable by nature. If one wishes, he can drive it out. Pray to the Supreme Father:
    Thy will is good. I don’t know what will make me good. Let Thy will be fulfilled in me.” And be ready to accept that. Joy will remain and sorrow will not touch you. Be not the cause of another grief; none will be the cause of your grief. Misery and happiness are both modes of mind. To lack the thoughts and deeds befitting the desire is misery. You may serve the world in a thousand ways, but you cannot destroy its misery until the sense of inadequacy be removed from the heart. Dharma alone can do that.
  5. If you want to prosper in Sadhana’ (avowed activity), give up hypocrisy. With the hope of getting a good name from others, the hypocrite mainly deceives himself and due to his little faith, he deprives himself of the real gift of others. You may speak volumes, but you can never find real happiness unless you become truly elevated. The inner feeling does not come out in the words of hypocrites; so their faces remain cold even with words of joy. What can words do? The spirit does not throb within the heart. The sea of bliss is bitter-salty to the hypocrite. Though he go to the ocean, he cannot quench his thirst. The simple man, like a swallow, has eyes turned upwards. The hypocrite, like a vulture, has eyes always downward. Be little, no matter, but keep your eyes turned upward. What is the use of being big, but like a vulture with eyes always looking down from on high. Be not a hypocrite! Don’t be deceived and don’t deceive others.
  6. This is very true: whenever the tendency grows to see another’s fault, then that fault has made its home in you. Then and there, without delay that evil tendency should be smashed and swept away! Then you are safe. Otherwise, all will be destroyed. If your eyes see only other’s evil, you will never be able to love anyone. And he, who cannot see truth, can never be true. Your eyes will be as unclouded as your mind and so clear the world will appear before you. At first, try with all your might to find good in what you see, and breed this habit in your very bones! If your tongue be always slanderous – unable to speak good of others, never pass an opinion on anyone. Try within to hate your own habit and grimly determine to be rid of that hell of slander in the future. To vilify others is to defile oneself with their defects. To spread good of others makes one’s own nature good unconsciously. But one should not praise others with a selfish motive. That is flattery. Generally, in such
    cases, thoughts and words do not agree. This is very bad and the faculty to express one’s independent opinion is lost thereby.
  7. The stay of all existence is Dharma, and He is the Supreme Fulfiller. Dharma never becomes many. It is always one. There is no variety of it. View may be many – even as many as there are people. Still, Dharma cannot be many. In my opinion, to speak of Hindu Dharma, Christian Dharma, Mohammedan Dharma, Buddhist Dharma, etc. is wrong; rather, they are so many views. In fact, there is no opposition in the views – different views, the same way – feeling One in many forms. Each faith is for the expansion of avowed activity. That can be in many forms and as much as is gained by the expansion, so
    much the realization – wisdom. So Dharma is based upon realization – to be ‘real’ in nature.
  8. If you long for good, give up conceit of knowledge. Listen to everyone and do whatever helps to expand your heart. No other passion creates such a hindrance to knowledge as does conceit of knowledge. If you want to teach, think not you are a teacher only. “I am a teacher”: this ‘teach-conceit’ hinders one from learning. As far away as you keep pride, so far your vision or wisdom expands. When the ego dissolves, then and there, the soul becomes the possessor of all qualities – the Absolute.
  9. If you go with pride to examine a true Master, a loving Sage or Saint, you will only see yourself in Him and will come away deceived. The test is to feel blessed in the race of a true Master by approaching Him without prejudice or preconception, with a loving heart, humility and as little pride as possible. He can never be tested on the touchstone of pride, but as if torn by the horns of a ram, He can be rent into pieces by real humility. As the sparkle of a diamond, which remains in coal and dirt, can only be seen after thorough cleansing, so also, He Who lives in society as an ordinary man can illumine the world with His sparkle only by the washings with love. The lover alone can know Him; so keep the company of lovers and worshipers of Existence. He may manifest Himself. A proud man can examine proud man. How can he fathom one whose pride is dissolved? He is as strange and queer to him as a wise man is to a stark illiterate.
  10. After taking the shelter of a true Master, think independently and express your own opinions respectfully. Reading books don’t become like a book. But try to breed its essence in your bones. “Pull the husk to draw the seed.” Don’t pass any opinion on or give up anything after only superficial study. No real knowledge is gained about a thing until it has been seen thoroughly, and what opinion can you give if you have no knowledge about it? Whatever you do, try to see the truth in it. To see the truth in a thing means to know how it exists, and that is wisdom. About the things you do not know give no advice to others.
  11. If you are unable to give up your defect even after knowing it, do not ruin others by supporting it in any way. If you be good yourself, thousands of people will be good seeing your example. If you be bad, you will find no one to sympathize with you in your distress because being bad, you have made your environment bad. Know this for certain:
    “You are responsible for the present and future of yourself, your family, your environment and your country. It is not right to start any activity with hope for name and honor. But to the extent you do any work unselfishly, name and honor must serve you. What is done for the self is selfish. What is done for others is selflessness. Merely to ask nothing for self or others is not selflessness. Give away! Desire nothing for yourself, and you will see that everything is becoming yours.
  12. Try to give others as you desire to have. To proceed with this understanding much is enough. Everyone will like you and love you spontaneously. Being just, try to make everyone happy in an honest way. You will find that many are trying to make you happy. Be careful – don’t try to make anyone happy at the cost of your ‘self’; then your troubles will know no end.
  13. Work on, but be not enslaved. If a change of circumstances brings an undesirable change in your heart, know for certain you have enslaved yourself by your work. Do not be confined by any kind of prejudice. Except those of the Supreme Father, all prejudices are bonds. Your fate is what is just beyond the range of your vision and knowledge – the not-seen, the not-known – hence is fate as you say. Throw off your proud, stupid, Satan ‘I’. Move on the will of the Supreme Father. Fate can do nothing. The will of the Supreme Father is fate. In your every condition just try to understand His blissful will. You will see, grief can’t touch you; rather, strength will come in your heart and even in sorrow you will find bliss. Don’t break down thinking about fate. Work on! Don’t be idle! For just as you work, so is your fate unfurled to your vision. The doer of good never fares ill. He gets his rewards sooner or later. With eyes on the Supreme Father, work on! His Will is fate. Don’t sit foolishly making fate anything else. Many people leave their rudder, sit non-plussed and think they are without a destiny. Having no reliance, they ultimately pass their whole lives in distress. That is foolishness. When your ‘you’ leaves, fate is finished. Then there is no seeing, so no unseen.
  14. Move forward! But don’t try to measure how far you have gone, lest you fall back again. Feel, but be not overwhelmed, lest you be unable to proceed. If overwhelmed you must be, be so with love for God. Serve as much as you are able. But take care you have no desire to be served. Request, but do not seek to order. Never speak ill of others, but indulge in no untruth. Be patient, but in being so, don’t become and idle procrastinator. Be swift, but don’t spoil everything by your unwise annoyance. Be brave, but not like a tiger or bear – cruel. Be firmly resolved, but do not become obstinate. Bear all yourself. Help him who cannot bear; hate him not but encourage and sympathize. Be miserly to praise yourself, but for others be lavish. First embrace him with whom you are angry, invite him to eat in your own home, send gifts, and until you can speak to him with an open heart, pray with repentance for his good to God; for from hatred you will gradually become narrow, and
    narrowness is sin. If anyone do an injustice to you and you must at all take revenge, behave with him in such a way that it may make him repentant. There is no revenge like that repentance – the fire made of husks. It is blissful to both. Do not abolish friendship; otherwise, in your distress you will get neither sympathy nor consolation. Even if your friend be dishonest, do not give him up; rather give up his company if necessary. But with affection in your heart help him in his distress and danger, in thought, word and deed. And embrace him when you find he has become repentant. If your friend has gone astray and you do not try to bring him back, or if you give him up, its punishment will not forsake you either. Do not spread scandal about your friend. Don’t speak ill of him in any way. But also, do not indulge him in any of his faults. Be not arrogant to a friend, but punish him with love and affectionate dignity. Bear no expectation from a friend, but receive with love whatever you may get. Give, but hope not for any return. For anything received, try to reciprocate.
  15. As long as you feel pain in your body and mind, keep trying to remove the pain of even an ant. If you don’t do this, who is there more deficient than you? If you get a slap on your face and can say, “Who is beating whom?” then say that for another. Well and good. But beware! If you can’t think like this in your own case, don’t talk like this in the case of another. If you become secular at the time of your own difficulties, don’t feign to be spiritual at eh time of others’. Rather, be spiritual at the time of your own difficulties and secular at that of others’; even such a pretension is good. If you be a man, you’ll laugh at your own grief and weep at that of others. If you dislike your own death, never say ‘die’ to thers.
  16. Laugh, but not in ridicule. Weep; not from self-addiction but from love, devotion. Speak, but for neither self-aggrandizement nor fame. Do not hide from a man any example of your character if it be beneficial to him. Let your goodness roll out in deeds. But see that it does not come out in words. Attach your inclination to good; you will become good unconsciously. Be absorbed in good ideas in your own way. Your feelings will bloom accordingly to your attitude. As evil thoughts are revealed through eyes, words, dealings, behavior etc., so too good thoughts express themselves in the same way.
  17. Be out-spoken but sweet. Consider before you speak, but having spoken, do not evade. If you have spoken wrong, beware! Do not do wrong. Speak the truth, but don’t bring destruction. It is good to speak good, but better to think and feel it. Surely it is better to speak enlivening words than deadening ones. But what is the use if they are not carried into action and feelings at the same time? The violin and guitar play well by the grace of player but cannot feel anything themselves. He who speaks much of realization but shows no indication of it froths only. All his big talks are imaginary. The deeper you dive, the more unrecognizable you are. As the pomegranate bursts open just as it ripens, so the honest thought within you when mature will burst forth of itself. You need not show it by words.
  18. Pursue only that whim which follows conscience – you must achieve bliss. Merge yourself in expansion, but don’t be extinguished. Expansion is life! Expansion is love! The work which brings expansion or growth in the mind is honest work. That which brings superstition, prejudice, etc. in the mind – in a word, that which brings narrowness – is evil work. Don’t do that work which makes your face gloomy when you speak of it to others. Usually, where there is concealment out of hatred, shyness or fear, there weakness is, there sin is. Do that avowed activity which brings love in your heart, and don’t go near what brings cruelty, harshness and violence, even though temporarily profitable. Though ou have gained such powers that you can move the sun and the moon from their courses, can break the earth into pieces or make all people wealthy, but if you have no love in your heart, you have achieved nothing.
  19. Out of one don’t ask for ten. Try perfectly for the one; you shall get all. Surely you will gain life in the manner in which you give it. He who gives his life for love gains a life of love. Be inspired by your purpose and with serene mind forbear all. Then only shall your purpose be fulfilled.
  20. Give your heart. You need never retreat. Rely, and you shall never be frightened. Believe. You shall master the world within. Encourage, and try not to arouse fear. Have patience, danger will be crossed over. Be not vain. You shall not have to remain humiliated in the world. Confess your fault in anguish before you are accused. You shall remain untarnished, an object of affection to the world. Be restrained but fearless. Be simple but not foolish. Be obedient, but for that don’t be weak-hearted.
  21. Remain steady, but don’t become rigid. Don’t pose as a holy man; try to become one. Don’t compare yourself with a Great Soul, but try to follow Him always. Call others ‘mine’ if there is love in you, not out of selfishness. Just love before you speak of love.
  22. To be blind is unfortunate indeed but to be without a staff is even worse; for the staff does much of the eyes’ work. Going to school only doesn’t make a student, and taking initiation only doesn’t make a disciple. The heart should always be kept open to carry out the orders of the Master or Teacher. Have firm faith within. Whatever He says must be done and that without objection or excuse – rather, with the greatest pleasure. The student or disciple who gives his all in carrying out the orders of the Master with pleasure is never disappointed. The disciple’s duty is to materialize the commands of his Master and to move on, taking Him as the Ideal. Whenever you find that on getting any command from is Master the disciple is pleased and his face blooms, you will know that strength has come in his heart.
  23. Be on your guard and do not serve your Master through servants or by ordering anyone else. Don’t be deprived of bliss. Disregard for children never appears in the mother’s heart because she cares for them with her own hands; hence her love is so great. In serving the Master with one’s own hands pride becomes light, conceit goes away and love grows. The Master is the materialized form of Bliss, and He is the Absolute. One must take the Master as one’s own. When one thinks of mother, father, son etc., His face should also appear in the mind. It is better to fear His love than His scolding – if I do any wrong, He will be pained in His heart. Always try to follow Him. Obey carefully what He says, and try unceasingly to plant that by practice in your character. That is ‘sadhana’.
  24. Be zealous for self-elevation and devote yourself to the Master or Truth. Be not attracted to what others are saying about you; otherwise, you will become attached to it and fail to have self-elevation. A selfish spirit often induces one to blame the Ideal, to doubt and to lose faith. Don’t look for faults in the Ideal from a selfish spirit and don’t doubt and don’t lose faith. If you do, there’ll be no self-elevation. But if being free of selfish spirit you find faults in a person, that person is no Ideal. Don’t follow him. If you do, there’ll be no self-elevation. He in whom infatuated pride, selfish thoughts, a lack of love exist is no Ideal. And he in whom doubt, faithlessness, and a selfish spirit exist is no follower. Follow, without hesitation, Him who is the possessor of love. You shall surely achieve your good! Follow Him alone who doesn’t cause grief to anyone in any way, yet doesn’t indulge evil. You shall achieve your good!
  25. Don’t conceal anything in your heart from Him whom you have chosen as your Guide. To conceal is to disbelieve Him and that disbelief brings downfall. “The Guide is the Regulator of hearts.” If you believe it rightly, you will be humble to do evil. And if you have already done evil, you will confess it surely! But if you want to conceal, be sure that weakness has come in your heart and you are already attacked by disbelief. Be careful, or it may carry you far far away. If you conceal, your true Guide will also hide Himself. If you express the thoughts in your heart – become open – then for sure He also will be open before you! If, with the intention of concealing from your Guide, you use the trick: “You regulate my heart and you know everything”, you will fail and be surrounded by miseries. Exchange of hearts is a sign of love. If you conceal your heart, it is sure, you posses selfish desires. You love Him only in words. There is concealment in lust but there can be nothing concealed in love! The true Guide has a light ego. He will never assert His own strength to you by Himself, and so will follow you according to your thought. This is the characteristic of a true Guide. If you really have a true Guide, whatever you do, no fear. You cannot be destroyed. Only keep prepared for sufferings.
  26. To be humble does not mean to be untidy. Display does not imply eagerness. Rather, it is excessive unrestrained expectation of the heart. Selfishness is not self-dependence or independence, rather, its opposite. The more you serve people, the more you become the master of all they have. To be spirited does not mean to be in a fury. Rather, it is firmness coupled with modesty. A holy man is no magician; rather, a renunciator, a lover. Does a devotee mean a fool? Rather, a wise man with humble pride. To forbear does not mean to retreat, but to embrace with love.
  27. Pardon, but with the heart. Filled with rage, don’t forgive out of incapacity. Do not judge and punish on your own. But place it wholeheartedly before the Supreme Father; that will be good. If you punish anyone for his misdeed, surely the Supreme Father will mete out the punishment proportionately to you both. Suffer for the Supreme Father, for the Truth; you will enjoy eternal peace. Do dwell in Truth, try to forbear injustice and resist not what you have to forbear. You shall soon achieve good in the highest.
  28. If you have committed any sin, confess it in anguish. You shall be consoled soon. Be careful! Do not suppress narrowness or sin. If you do, it will increase gradually and quickly lead you to extreme degradation. Whatever of evil you suppress within will increase.
  29. Give, but with humbleness and without expectation. Let the door of kindness in your heart be open. To give, counting it to be kindness, is a patron of vanity. Be grateful to Him who, as Master, receives your gift with humility to awaken the feeling of kindness in your heart. Encourage, console, and sympathize with him to whom you give, feeling his grief. Then according to your ability, give with kindness. Love will be achieved. Your gift will be effective. The less you drum about your giving, the better. You will be saved from vanity. Don’t refuse anyone who wants. Money, sympathy, encouragement, consolation, or sweet words: give any you can. The heart will become soft. The desire for the good of others is the mother of one’s own good.
  30. It is better to die at toil than on the toilet. He who does as he speaks is a first class worker. He who speaks less and does more is a second class worker. He who speaks more but does less is a third class worker, and he who, out of laziness, neither speaks nor does is of the worst type. Run, but don’t pant, and watch you don’t stumble. Should you feel aversion or anger in doing any work, know for sure, it is on the verge of failure. Be ready against the difficulties that arise at the time of executing a work. Don’t be dissatisfied or impatient. Success will be your servant. Try and don’t be gloomy; don’t be sorrowful! Success must come! Delirium of distress is not a sign of the skilful. Haughty brain and vain, pompous thoughts are both signs of unsuccess. Gain success by avoiding or defeating misfortune, and see that difficulties do not cheat you of success. If neither joy nor sorrow hinders your movement, you shall without doubt reach your goal.
  31. Be wealthy, no harm. But be humble and charitable. If a rich man be proud, he becomes downed with distress. A rich man, arrogant and proud, generally lacks faith, and the doors of heaven do not open in his heart. A proud rich man is a slave to impurities; so he ignores wisdom.
  32. Forgive, but do not harm by indulging. Love, but be not addicted. Love deeply, but mix not too familiarly. Bubbling is not the sign of fullness. If you are contented and free from anxiety yourself, try for others. The more the mind is overwhelmed by being attached to the cause of grief, the more will fear enter within and weaken the heart. If you wish to be saved, have no fear – no weakness. Be absorbed in enlivening thoughts and deeds. Addiction to evil begets fear, grief and sorrow. Give up what is against existence. Have faith is ‘Sat’ (Sadguru). You shall be saved. Be immersed in enlivening thoughts; enlivening deeds will be your helpers, and your surroundings, being enlivened, shall surely always save you.
  33. To know Dharma is to know the root cause of anything, and to know that is wisdom. Attachment towards the Source is devotion, and wisdom is in proportion to the degree of devotion. Devotion and wisdom will be as much as is gained through that attachment. As much as you are attached to a subject, so much wisdom do you have about that subject. The purpose of life is to drive away ‘want’ completely, and that is possible only by knowing the Cause. Exhausted in want, the mind seeks Dharma or the Supreme Being; otherwise not. “What will remove ‘want’, and how? From this thought the question of the Supreme Being arises at last. What upholds the existence of an object is Dharma. So long as that remains unknown, nothing is known exactly.
  34. The conception that cannot be affected or overwhelmed by contradictory conception is Faith. If there be no faith, how can there be vision? Work follows faith. As the faith, so the work. Deep faith can do anything. Believe! But beware that pride, impatience or irritation do not come in. You shall achieve what you want. It is faith alone that can bring expansion and responsive consciousness. And doubt brings in sluggishness, irresponsiveness and depression. Faith is above reason. If you have faith, all reasoning shall support you. As you believe, so will reasoning and arguments support you.
  35. Feeling is the foundation of faith. Arguments and reason can never bring faith. The lighter the feeling, the shallower the faith, the less the constancy. Faith is beyond the range of intellect. Intellect is according to faith. There is ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in intellect – there is doubt. In faith, there is no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – there is no doubt.
  36. The less the faith, the more undeveloped and blunt the intellect. You may be a learned man; but if lacking in faith, surely you are no better than a gramophone record or an ox carrying a load of words. He who has no unquivering faith has no realization. And how can he who has no realization be wise? As much one’s realization, so much one’s vision and wisdom, and in wisdom is the firmness of faith. If you don’t believe, you neither see nor realize, and if you see and realize, it ripens your faith.
  37. As is the Ideal in whom you place faith, so will your nature be formed and your vision too will be like that. Follow the faithful. Love him. Faith will embrace you too. “I have no faith”: with this idea man only shrinks his faith. There is not a man who has no faith. As deep and lofty the faith, so high the mind, so profound the life. He who believes in goodness becomes good. He who believes in delivery becomes devilish.
  38. Whenever faith is invaded by contradictory ideas, doubts arise. As soon as faith is overwhelmed by doubts which are again supported by the mind, depression sets in. If one gives up contrary ideas, hears and accepts arguments favouring faith, doubts vanish and depression cannot stand. No contrary thoughts can shake the faith after it has ripened. What can doubts or lethargy do to a true believer? Once doubt is indulged, it attacks the mind like a weevil, and ultimately it begets an extremely worn-out, dirty state of disbelief. To remove doubt and establish faith is to attain knowledge. If you have firm truth, no contrary idea, no incantation, no power other than that of your own faith can overwhelm or bewitch you. Know this for sure. As far off as faith will leave your mind, so much the world will doubt you and lose faith in you, and so much too will distress attack you; it is sure! The kingdom of distress and misery is in the land of disbelief. The land of faith is so fertile. Take care! If you find doubt-like sprouts of the weeds of disbelief, pull them out at once! Otherwise the immortal tree of devotion will not be able to grow. Devotion and faith are twin brothers. If one comes, the other follows. Remove doubt! Place devotion on the throne of faith! Let the kingdom of Heaven be established in your heart! The effort to remain constantly attached to ‘Sat’ (the Source of Existence Incarnate) is ‘bhakti’ (devotion). The devoted is the really wise man. Wisdom without devotion in merely verbal learning. You may say, “He is I”, or “I am He, the Absolute”, but hold on the devotion; then only, that attitude will stand in you. Otherwise, you can achieve nothing by it. As the faith, so the love, and so the wisdom also. First try to be free from vanity; then say, “He is I”. Otherwise, the “He is I” may drag you down more. If you try to keep adhered to enlivening thoughts, your thought, behaviour, habits etc. will become broad and true gradually. These are the signs of a devotee. The mind becomes narrow when it moves to the narrow; when it moves to the expansive, it expands. So, when it goes to a devotee, it broadens, and as much broadness as there is, so much peace there is.
  39. When the mind is fastened to worldly things, it is addiction. When it is attached to the Divine, it is devotion. Love is the gradual development of devotion. Concentration of devotion is love. The thinner the pride, the bigger the place for devotion. How can one succeed in avowed activity without devotion? Devotion alone can bring success. As faith is never blind, do devotion is never stupid. In no way, at no time, is there weakness in devotion. Imbecility and weakness often appear in the garb of devotion. Beware of this.
  40. Exciting oneself in bouncings and pouncings or a little weeping on the impulse of dancing or singing etc. is sometimes taken for devotion. But this is not devotion at all. Momentary excess of emotion and outburst is not the sign of a devotee. There must be some sign of thin ego, sign of faith, signs of honest thought, good behaviour and broadness etc. in the character and conduct of a devotee; otherwise, devotion has not come. If there is not faith, there can be no adherence, and without adherence there can be no devotion! Vacilating, excessive ecstasy sometimes appears as devotion. Constancy is not there, and there is no telling sign of devotion He in whose heart there lies devotion cannot know he is a devotee. He whose heart is weak, inconstant and only emotional, thinks with great pride, “I am a great devotee.”It is not that devotion has appeared wherever tears, thrills of joy, perspiration and tremors have come. Along with these, devotion must have it own characteristic signs. Tears, thrills of ecstasy, perspiration, tremors etc. are signs of emotion that can be of many types. If, along with these signs of devotion, appear the characteristic ones of that state, then only is it a sign of the ‘sattvic’ state – the state of divine life and good feelings.
  41. Crtificial devotion is mixed with stiff ego. Real devotion is free from pride; i.e., it has a very thin pride. A man with counterfeit devotion cannot TAKE advice. Adviser-like, he can only GIVE advice. So if anyone advises him, signs of irritation, aversion and shirking the company, appear clearly on his face. The man with real devotion is generally quite unwilling to play the part of an adviser and signs of pleasure blossom on his face if he gets advice. Devotion can never enter the heart of one who believes little and worships many. Devotion loves many for the One. Addiction loves the One for many. In addition there is gratification from self-interest. In devotion there is satisfaction from interests for others. Devotion is concentric to the Source. Addiction seeks satiety in self-interest or ego. Addiction is the wife of passion, and devotion is the younger sister of love. What is known by realization is wisdom. To know is to reach the Absolute through discernment, and that is ‘Veda’. Veda is the in divisible whole. To the extent one knows, one is a Vedist. Wisdom destroys confusion and gives discerning eyes to man. Wisdom indicates the real nature of n object. When one sees an object in a condition that reveals all that is to be known about it, one knows its very essence. Devotion tries to attach the mind to Truth, and what is realized from that is called wisdom. Ignorance creates anxiety for man, and wisdom gives man peace. Ignorance is the cause of grief, and knowledge is bliss. The greater your wisdom, the greater your peace of mind. As your experience is, so is your strength to live normally.
  42. The more rigid the ego, the greater the ignorance. The lighter the pride, the brighter the knowledge. Doubt is the messenger of disbelief, and disbelief is the shelter of ignorance. Remove doubts the moment they appear, and merge yourself in thought of the good. You shall become the possessor of wisdom and bliss. Wicked thoughts create heinous experience, ignorance or delusion. Give them up! You shall be saved from grief. The more addicted you are to the evil, the more obsessed you will be by selfish interest and overpowered by evil knowledge or delusion. And disease, grief, poverty and death shall rule over you; it is sure!
  43. Obsessed ego brings forth addiction. Addiction breeds selfish interest. Selfish interest gives birth to passion. Passion is the source of anger, and anger begets violence. Devotion brings wisdom. In wisdom there is the sensing of self in creation. When there is this realization of self in creation, nonviolence emerges, and from nonviolence comes love. To the extent you possess any, you possess all.
  44. From obsessed ego comes addiction. From addiction comes ignorance, and ignorance is misery. From doubt comes disbelief, and disbelief is dullness. From idleness comes stupidity, and stupidity is ignorance. Thwarted lust is anger, and anger is the friend of violence. The intention to satisfy passionate selfish interest is itself greediness, and this greediness is addiction. He who is not greedy is not addicted.
  45. No cunning is so good as simple honesty. Any person, whatever he may be, must be caught in this trap: “Honesty is the best policy.” There is nothing so fascinating as humility. What else is so attractive as love? There is no achievement greater than faith. There is no eye like wisdom. There is nothing else to subdue vanity better than hearty humility. What sacred formula is there like carrying out the commands of the Living Ideal? Move on! Go ahead! Don’t get tired thinking about the path, or you won’t be able to move.
  46. He who has jumped first and shown the way first is the leader. Can empty words alone make a leader? At first, give up your all for others. Sell out your self at the feet of others. Forget to reckon the faults of others as faults. Be self-less in service. Then you are a leader; then you are the heart of your country, the king of your country. Otherwise, all this won’t be achieved by words alone. If you wish to be a leader, give up charm of leadership, give up self-praise, stake your everything for the good of others, show them by doing yourself what is blissful and true, and speak of that to others with love. You will see how thousands will follow you.
  47. Rely and work on with boldness and indomitable enthusiasm. Beware that no misfortune come from anything in you to yourself or others. You shall find how the goddess of good fortune is tied down stationed in your house. It is said, “Fortune favors the brave.” That’s right. Faith, reliance and sacrifice : these three are the signs of bravery.
  48. The longing for name and fame is a tremendous obstacle to self-elevation. After a little progress you make, you’ll find some have come to find a Master in you; some are calling you a ‘great man’; some, ‘prophet’ etc.; on the other hand, some are calling you ‘satan’ or ‘scoundrel’; some ‘a professional’ etc. Beware! Pay no heed to any of them. They are all ghosts to you. If they are heeded, they will sit tight on your shoulders, and it will be very difficult to get them off. Work on in your own way, come what may. If, under the hope of name and fame, your mind behaves like that of a devotee, hypocrisy is hidden therein. Strike it out at once! Only then comes good. Otherwise, everything will be spoiled. If you desire to be Master, Prophet or God, you will certainly become a hypocrite, and due to that you will not be able to do anything practically, even though you speak volumes. If your wish is such, give it up at once! Otherwise misfortune is sure.
  49. To the extent you are genuine, Nature shall honour you with endowments and provide you with Her appropriate privileges. You see this every day; then, what more do you want? Just try wholeheartedly to be genuine. Does the university honour anyone with a degree unless he has studied and passed? Don’t propagate yourself, even by mistake, and don’t request anyone to do it for you. Then everyone will hate you and will leave you. If you really have known some truth and if you think it is beneficial, speak to your utmost about it and request everyone to know it. If they understand, they will listen and follow you. If you have seen and understand Truth, it will surely burst forth in your thought, word and deed. You will know no rest until you are lost in it. Can darkness cover the sun?
  50. If there is no truth in you, you may speak a thousand times, even show a thousand tricks, pretend in a thousand ways; still the light of truth will not effulge in your mind, character and words. If there is no sun, a million lamps can’t take away all the darkness. Propagating a truth, who speaks about his greatness, who is always busy with himself, who tries to show himself beautiful by various tricks and whose pride bursts forth in every movement – in love, in words, in reliance – however vastly learned he may be and however much he may speak about wisdom and devotion – he is a hypocrite for sure. Stay far away from him. Don’t listen to his words. There is no truth in his heart. How can feeling appear if there is no truth in mind? Vanity in preaching is a hindrance to real preaching. A real preacher doesn’t, even by mistake, speak of his own greatness, observes Truth in deed, and charmed by the honest thought in his mind, speaks about it according to his own conviction. Whenever you’ll find anyone is speaking about Truth with the pride of conviction, has become restless with pleasure and humility while speaking about kindness, is calling and embracing all with love and emotion, and instead of yielding at the moment he is told of his own greatness, becomes pale, humble, and crest-fallen as it were – know it verily – there lies blazing Truth in him and there you will find in his normal character too that Truth is ablaze. Do light the lamp of Truth with the wick of wisdom soaked in the oil of devotion! You will see how you will be surrounded by so many grasshoppers and insects, so many beasts and men. He who thinks of the Source of Existence only, speaks of the Source only, and loves Him only is the real preacher. If there is no deep faith in the Ideal, there is no constancy, no devotion. And if there is no devotion, how can there be realization? How can there be wisdom? What will be preach? The pride of a real preacher is his Ideal. The pride of a false preacher lies in self-preaching. When your heart will heave
    up with bursting zeal to speak what you know as good, what you know as Truth – with the mind unaffected by what people say about you, but feeling pleasure if you find men inclined towards Truth – that is preaching. Without real faith, constancy, and devotion, you can never be a real preacher.
  51. He who preaches himself deprives himself. He who, enchanted with the Ideal, speaks about Him does really preach himself. The real preacher alone is the true well-wisher of the world. Limitless is the number of creatures that may find self-elevation through his kindness. Be charmed with the Ideal. Feeling will swell up in your heart spontaneously, and there is no knowing how many people will progress, being inspired by that feeling. Don’t desire to be the Master; rather, try to be an adherent to Him. And one adhered to the Master is the real saviour of lives.
  52. As long as body lasts, individuality also will last. So long as modes of mind remain, the ego persists. But the more passive one can remain, placing one’s pride in the Ideal, the more self-less and tolerant he is. The less you brag of ‘you’, the better. The more you pride in the Ideal, the greater your good. Let the Supreme Father be your pride and enjoy bliss through Him. Don’t place your pride in a false ideal; for then you ego will become even harder. The higher and broader the Ideal, the better. For, as high and broad your Ideal is, so high and broad you too become.
  53. Whenever you find people – specially the respectable – are bowing down at your feel and it doesn’t elicit any great objection in you (you are sometimes hesitant with your words only, but not so much in your mind), know then and there for certain that self-adulation has stealthily entered your mind. Beware as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will fall for sure. Whenever anyone has bowed down at your feet and at once you head bows with humility and the mind is not ready at all to take service, rather it is eager to give service, and pleasure is felt in the heart only in speaking about the Ideal – no fear, you are in the lap of Bliss and always try to remain even more so.
  54. Take to the habit of the creeper and entwine yourself around the tree of the Ideal; fulfillment of desire shall be yours. If you feel pleasure in speaking about you Ideal, pleasure in hearing and thinking about Him, pleasure in His order, pleasure in His affection, pleasure even in His inattention, and the heart swells up in His Name; I tell you surely, don’t worry any more for your elevation. Take to the feet of a true Master, go on taking the Holy Name, and remain in the company of the devout. Truly I say, you have no more to worry for your elevation. Leave not the water of devotion and move not too far away to the sandy shores of temptation. It will be difficult to return when the sand will be hot from the scorching sun of grief. If you don’t come back before it gets hot, you will dry up and die. Try to remain inclined towards devoted feeling; you will not fall, but will be moving forward. Try to be in tune with the Master, and don’t follow your mind; progress will never leave you. Cling to right judgment, and don’t follow the mind; broadness will never desert you. Hold unto the Good and follow not evil; peace will never part from you. Let humility find an abode in the heart – vanity will mean nothing for you. Don’t long for, or be attached to, that which must be forsaken; you will be saved from grief.
  55. Pray for love and keep violence far away; the world must be attracted to you. May thou be ascetic at heart. Dress not thyself as a hermit, and be not chameleon-like for nothing. et thy mind roam about on the Source or Brahma, but be not busy to dress thyself in saffron robes or to paint the body; for then the mind may incline to these things. Give up pride, you shall be able to remain in Good. Make the fallen hear the message of rescue! Give hope; by hook or by crook, try to help them towards elevation. Encourage, but let them not be wanton. If ever, after giving your all to your Beloved, you are immersed in Him and have fears of floating up, then do dive at once with all your ardour and love, and lose yourself. You will see how beautiful is the Beloved and how He has embraced you. If the slightest public criticism, ridicule, inclination to relatives, loss of self-interest, neglect, or abuse from one’s own or others can make you aloof from your Beloved, how shameful is your love, how meager! Isn’t it so? If you understand a thing today, don’t you tomorrow deny the same, calling it a riddle. Don’t play fox like that. Because, even the lower animals do not forget what they once understand. So to speak like this is to display fickleness or wickedness. Today you are benefited. Tomorrow, blinded by selfish interest you pretend to be wronged: don’t invite such ingratitude. What is meaner than this? Ask anyone. Unless one is a fool, one cannot be induced, by slander from the benefited, to blame the benefactor. When the helper is harmed by the helped, stupid pride breaks the bolt of gratitude and throws open the path of death strewn over the thorns of arrogance. Treachery pursues him who considers the shelter ugly because of any disrepute of the sheltered ones. Unfeeling and unbenefitting activities for the Beloved are never the signs telling love. One not desiring to do anything for the Beloved, yet loving much, is like a bronze dove made of gold. The selfish in spirit generally love like that. So it is better to guard against this sort of disinterested love. Otherwise, there is every possibility of danger. You love? But when the Beloved insists, influences, rules, insults, makes angry pretences or forces; and you, rather than feeling pleasure, suffer from the reverse, and all your happiness washes away; I say, you will cheat and be cheated, surely. And this will continue as long as you are such. So, while there is time, take care. The charm of love – increases with hindrance, causes no hatred to grow when oppressed by the Beloved, becomes vigorous in separation, doesn’t stupefy a man, remains for ever unsatisfied, never leaves once it has touched, and is unchangeable. The infatuation of lust – decays if hindered, arouses hatred if oppressed by the desired one or if one doesn’t get as expected, makes one forgetful in separation and cowardly and stupid, brings satiety and depression in enjoyment, doesn’t last long – it is changeable. Be venerable but no insufferable. If you like to charm, be charmed completely. If you like to be beautiful, see beauty even in the ugly. The beauty and meaningfulness of life lies in being devoted to One with intensity and continuity. When liking for many cannot shake or sever the liking for One, that liking is the sister of love. Better be attached to the true Master than being shattered by the consideration of good and evil. You shall safely achieve success. It is sure! As the time of weakness think of beauty and strength, and when vanity seeks to posses you, think of the Beloved and of humility. Mental health will remain undisturbed. Don’t be spoiled by seeing
    faults, and don’t spoil those who are attached to you. Give to Him. Don’t want, but feel blessed if you get. Surrender to His will. Don’t try to make Him yield to you, because He alone is beautiful to you. Never give up the craving for Union. Otherwise, the pang of separation will not be sweet, and you will not be able to feel peace in distress. As much as is your thought, activity, feeling for One, so much is your inclination, charm, and love for Him, and in the same way. He alone to whom you have surrendered your all is your Lord – you Guide Supreme.
  56. Don’t regret for not having without doing in the way you can have. To become sad without doing invites a ‘not-to-get’. To get, whatever it might be, one must learn how to get it and do that exactly. Is there anything more foolish than to become impatient to get without doing? Know it for sure – “Doing is the mother of getting.” Only when doing is in accordance with desire does success appear. The desired good of man remains hidden beneath his habitual superstitions, and the Giver of Good is punished only when conflict appears between the Goodness He gives and the habitual superstitions. So the saviour is slandered in His own country. Nature reproaches those who would approach the Unsensed – with neglect and rejection of what is Sensed. Those for whom the Seen is coloured or humiliated by the Unseen are deceived.
  57. That which being developed and becoming everything, yet remains the same, is ‘Brahma’. He within whom all the resources of the world – knowledge love and activity – pontaneous, and by the inclination towards whom the scattered lives of men and all the diversities of the world find a final solution, is the God of men! To know God is to know all or the Whole. He whose intense and active inclination for a Living Ideal, transcending time and space, has made Him into God normally; whose literature, philosophy and science, penetrating the scattered good and evil prejudices of the mind, have been meaningfully adjusted in the Ideal, is the true Master. He whose mind is filled with attachment for One, or the Truth, is honest or chaste. To adhere the mind thoroughly to the Ideal is called Holiness. When the
    mind is absorbed completely in conceiving anything thoroughly, it is called deep mediation or ‘Samadhi’. Repetition of the Name make man keen, and Meditation or ‘Dhyan’ makes him calm and receptive. To remain enganged in any single thought and to feel that which distracts but cannot break our continuity is ‘Dhyan’ or Meditation. To be displeased means to be scattered. Be keen but calm. You will feel everything. Attachment to One or concentrated inclination is called ‘Yoga’. That which, being opposed by something, wants to establish itself is ‘self’. To make the ego stiff is not to know others. Those who are satisfied with meaningful solution through meditating observation are ‘Rishis’, Sages or Seers. The solving and untying of all kinds of knots of the mind so that they become meaningful in One
    – is Salvation. The ideas and activities that lead man towards the Cause are Spiritualism. The decision by which the Inner Cause is made to blossom is real Judgment. That analysis which determines the real form of the object aimed at is Reason. The painful feeling that arises from a judgment of the merits and demerits of a completed act, and causes abstention from evil, is Repentance. The Place on going to which the knots of the mind are untied and solved is ‘Tirtha’ – place of Pilgrimage. Doing that which preserves existence is Virtue. Doing that which makes one fall from existence is Sin. That which exists and has expansion is Real. That to conceive which the mind retains its being is Finite. That to conceive which the mind loses itself is Infinite!

Peace! Peace!! Peace!!!

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Three Tenets


The main purpose of yajan is to establish the ideal and to fulfill His interest and this means to do good to all. It is possible to accomplish it only if we make the Ideal who is the embodiment of good the object of our meditation. Meditation on Him and moving in accordance with Him lead us in the direction of becoming. So yajan involves repetition of Holy Name, meditation, devout worship, self-analysis, self-adjustment, practice of hygienic principles, study of His Holy Messages, carrying out resolves, atonement and prayer. To thus make oneself completely to His liking is sadhana or the process of actualizing the principles of life and growth. In Yajan the main factors are repetition of the Holy Name and meditation and materialization of the commands of the Lord in proper time. In Sri Sri Thakur’s words : To meditate at dead of night and dawn, To repeat the Name always while moving on, To work out in time the commands of the Lord This is called tapasya in a word. ( Translated from Bengali Anushruti, Vol 1 Chapter Sadhana – 27 ) Through meditation and repetition of the Holy Name, the brain cells are stimulated and gradually become more responsive, thus the sharpness of the senses is increased. Yajan means , “ to regulate oneself in an uplifting go by whole-heartedly and with an Ideal-minded attitude fulfilling the principles of life and growth.” ( Sri Sri Thakur – Pather Kari – 242) The greater responsiveness is attained by repetition of the Holy Name and this enables one in meditation to relate all sorts of ideas that come into the mind with the Ideal, and thus to direct oneself towards fulfillment.


To infuse one’s Ideal-heartedness into others is called yaajan. To try for one’s own upliftment while neglecting that of others brings failure in life. In Yaajan the Ideal is central, for it is only through Him that Dharma can be offered to others. To offer Dharma means to teach the principles of life and lift, and the embodiment of life and growth is the Ideal- the greatest fulfiller. The main function of yaajan is to form in man a link of unfailing love for Him through service, sympathy and discussion. Yaajan activates all parts of the brain and dissolves the knot of obsessions. Through Ideal-centric words and activity, a man’s regard and devotion grow. All his scattered feelings, ideas and reasonings become adjusted towards the one Ideal, as a result his common sense develops.


Istabhrity is the offering of something for the nourishment of the Ideal. It is this that makes one’s initiation alive.

Sri Sri Thakur says, “ The first oblation to Him in daily life, offered with the united eagerness of body and mind being concentric in the Ideal, with desire for earning only in order to feed Him, is called Istabhrity”.

It is a fact that if one follows this practice with adherence and regard, failure can never come into his life. Early each morning after meditation and repetition of the Holy Name, and before eating or drinking anything, one should offer as much as he can. Carefully saving up his oblations, he should sent them on the thirtieth day to the place of the Lord.

Sri Sri Thakur assures us If Yajan, Yaajan, Istabhrity is done, Great fear will be overcome. And Istabhrity, He says, is our most powerful means of resisting the forces of cataclysm.

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His Literature

Some of the revelations of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra in Bengali.

  1. Satyanusaran (In Pursuit of Truth)
  2. Swasthya Sadachar Sutra (Aphorism on Health & Hygiene)
  3. Yati Abhidharma (Upholding principles to be followed by a Saint)
  4. Debi-Sukta (Noble sayings about Women).
  5. Tapa-Bidhayana 2 Vol. (Proper Regulation of Spiritual Practice).
  6. Bidhi-Binyas (Regulation of Destiny)
  7. Sad-Bidhayana (Regulation to be followed to perceive the embodiment of truth.)
  8. Nistha-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Adherence).
  9. Adarsha-Binayaka (Proper regulation according to the liking of Ideal)
  10. Bidhan-Binayaka (Guiding principles of upholding laws)
  11. Samaj-Sandipana (Guiding principles to enlighten society)
  12. Bikriti-Binayana (Adjustment of Distortions)
  13. Bigyan-Bibhuti (Treasury of Scientific knowledge)
  14. hriti-Bidhayana 2 Vol. (Proper maintenance of principles of upholdment)
  15. Achar-Charyya 2 Vol. (Principles of Conduct & Behaviour)
  16. Alochana-Prasange 21 Vol. (Conversations with Sri Sri Thakur)
  17. Nana-Prasange 4 vol. (Conversation with Thakur on various Subjects)
  18. Katha-Prasange 3 Vol. (Discourses of Sri Sri Thakur)
  19. Islam-Prasange (A must read for Muslim Society where Sri Sri Thakur put forward the ideas of complete eradication of sectarian conflict)
  20. Punya-Punthi (Holy Book, Revelations of Sri Sri Thakur in Trance i.e Samadhi)
  21. Anushruti 7 vol. (Revelations on various topics in simple Rhymes and poetry)
  22. Chalar-Saathi (A constant companion for Ideal-centric movement)
  23. Pather-Kari (Gems of the way)
  24. Nareer-Neeti (Invaluable code of conduct to be followed by Women)
  25. Seva-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Service)
  26. Neeti-Bidhayana (Proper following of Moral Principles)
  27. Kriti-Bidhayana (Proper regulation of Activity)
  28. Shiksha-Bidhayana (Proper guidance of Education)
  29. Darshan-Bidhayana (Proper guidance of Knowledge).
  30. Nareer Pathe (Conversations with Sri Sri Thakur about Woman hood)
  31. Shaswati (Eternal truths uttered by Thakur)
  32. Sambitee (Sri Sri Thakur’s holy utterances on Perfect Knowledge)
  33. Taanr-Chithi (A compilation of letters by Sri Sri Thakur)
  34. Amiya-Lipi (Solutions related to different daily life problems)
  35. Ashish-Banee 2 Vol. (Compilation of messages given by Sri Sri Thakur as blessings on various occasions)
  36. Preeti-Binayak 2 Vol. (Utterances about the different forms of love and factors that guide love to the ideal)
  37. Jaji-Sukta (Noble utterances on principles of yaajan)
  38. Charyya-Sukta (Noble utterances on practice and habit)
  39. Bibaha-Bidhayana (Proper system of marriage)
  40. Sangya-Samiksha (Invaluable utterances on Religion, Philosophy Society, Politics and day to day activities)
  41. Bibidha-Sukta (Noble utterances on various subjects)
  42. Arya-Pratimokshya (Utterances of Sri Sri Thakur after coming to Deoghar)
  43. Deeprakshi (Conversation with Sri Sri Thakur)
  44. Jeevan Dipti 3 Vol. (Life exalting Messages of mankind)
  45. Arya-Kristi (Discourses on various topics viz. Varnashram, Eugenics, Instincts and many more.)
  46. Amiya Bani (Holy utterances by Sri Sri Thakur)
  47. Sri Sri Thakur O Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das (Includes discussion with C.R Das on Indian Independence and Social Reformation)
  48. Akhanda Jivan Darshan (Discussion of life in a society and many different aspects of life)
  49. Ista-Prokta (Compilation of different sayings and answer to many complicated questions of various fields)
  50. Matri-Mongal (An exclusive book must read by woman)
  51. Smriti-Tirthe (An excellent book of old reminiscence)

There are also many books available either written or compiled by the devotees of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra.

Books in English

  1. The Message Vol-1 (Divine utterance on Religion, Spiritualism, Education, Society, Politics, Industry, Commerce and others)
  2. The Message Vol-2 (Dharma, Ideal, Pursuit of Dharma and Ideal)
  3. The Message Vol-3 (Love, Service, Activity)
  4. The Message Vol-4 (Politics, Law, Administration and Social life)
  5. The Message Vol-5 (Principles of conduct)
  6. The Message Vol-6 (Character and behaviour)
  7. The Message Vol-7 (Varnashram, Culture & Tradition, Eugenics, Genetics, Heredity, Marriage, Woman, Conjugal Life)
  8. The Message Vol-8 (Education, Philosophy, Science, Psychology, Health, Economics)
  9. The Message Vol-9 (Definition, Universal law etc).
  10. Magnadicta (The sayings of the Great Seer, Analytical solution of the diverse problems of man)
  11. Lord’s Prayer (Charming forms of divine service, solemn and melodious like Vedic chants)
  12. Discourses (A short record of discussions of several dignitaries with Sri Sri Thakur)
  13. Who Thou the Revolutionary ? (A record of a few day’s experiences of a political agnostic about Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra)
  14. An Integral Philosophy of life (Constitutes the total philosophy of life)

Some of the above books are also translated in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Oriya, Assamese, Santhali, Nepali, Marathi, Telegu, Bodo, Gujarati, Tamil, Thar, Manipuri, Maitheli and Bishnupriya Manipuri.

There are literary activities, which is seen in the form of a number of books and periodicals in all languages. Journals like Alochana and Saptarchee (in Bengali), Ligate and The See-ence (in English), Urjana (in Oriya), Aryayan (in Hindi) and a few more periodicals get regularly published from this place and carry the message of “living with peace and progress” to the humanity.


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