DISCOURSES : October 11, 1939

October 11, 1939

It was about ten o’clock in the morning. Sri Sri Thakur was seated on snow-white bedding, his feet bare, a thick sacred thread hanging from his shoulder. He was talking about this and that with Gopal da, smiling. Haripada da, Kalidasima and others now and again gave him tobacco, water and betel nut. Thakur caught sigh of dentist examining Bhushnima’s teeth by the side of the temple stairs. The dentist was dressed in European fashion. Thakur commented, “When the boys of our country finish their studies and become professionals like doctors, pleaders, or barristers, they put on sahib clothing. This seems to me very insulting. Our Bharadwaj may be a big physician but principally he is a Ritwik (a guardian in the society). All of his activities come out with that as their ground. Whatever he becomes, he cannot give up his characteristic headgear and sash.” Thakur turned to Gopalda. “If you turn out to be a big shot and still wear your Ritwik’s dress though surrounded by bodyguards and attendants got up in tight fitting suits, how grand you will look! When a man stands clad in snow-white vest shirt and wrapper, he looks like an angel.”

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