DISCOURSES : October 12, 1939

October 12, 1939

Sushilda was back in ashram today after collecting information on memories of previous births. He described his findings in detail to Sri Sri Thakur’s great enjoyment. At one time he said, “I examined the horoscope of two such persons (those who could remember their previous births), and I found that both had been born in the same astral combinations as they had previously died in!” Sri Sri Thakur and Gopalda jumped up simultaneously. They shouted joyously, “Is it so, really ! The very thing we guessed !” Sri Sri Thakur said, “Gopal, now you must look into this thing thoroughly, I said so a long time ago. After all is said and done, we have not been able to discover the key to memory-continuity. The question remains, how is it possible to remember incidents of previous births ? This is the only problem in the world. And it doesn’t seem to be something unsurmountable. If one can find the trick, the thing is done. If man achieves this, what he does not know. As long as the conscious entity remains, it is not difficult to invade the beyond.” To Sushilda he said, “Tomorrow please start writing letters to all the people concerned. Try to find the book, Buddhistic Meditation.” (This book is supposed to contain a method of reviving memories of previous births). Sushilda mentioned a sadhu who lives only on leaves. Thakur said, “We make such fuss about our food ! How easily this great problem can be met !” Thakur seemed to be in a state of great excitement today. Again and again he was calling for Sushilda, hearing the story about previous births over and over again and making others listen too. In the evening Sushilda described in detail the reappearance of Papaji in a human body after his death. Thakur said, “That would seem to be nothing else than the ectoplasmic body.” I asked Sri Sri Thakur, “Is it a fact that you remember your previous life?” Thakur answered, “I don’t know whether it is just imagination or not, but it seems as though I clearly remember my Grandma and myself are sailing on a river in a boat, and that there are lot of turtles all around. I asked Grandma about it, but she brushed it aside. I also seem to remember that I once lived at the foot of a hill. I used to sit on a rock. A rivulet flowing eastward was before me. Pretty, red paths ran through the wood. I had a wife. She loved me very much. It seems to me she would know me even now if I went there. About this present life I remember I was born in a room. A very dim lamp was burning. Mother said it was so. Many things occur to me, and they all seem real. Things flash in the mind. I did not discuss them before ; now I occasionally give them out.”When every one went away, I asked what an ectoplasmic body is. Sri Sri Thakur said, “It is the one beyond the germ plasmic body. When steam begins to condense into vapor, it becomes just visible to us. The ectoplasmic body is like that. It is nothing more than a condensation of very fine matter.”I said, “Swamiji is said to have seen Thakur Ramakrishna many times after his death.”Thakur said, “Thakur said, “Swamiji may have seen, or someone else may have seen, but what use is it unless everyone in the environment can see him in a normal way? Personally I don’t like anything that isn’t concrete. I do not feel comfortable unless I can realize things along with my environment by means of some instrument or other. That is probably why it seems that philosophy, religion, science and art have all merged into one another in my thinking.”When I asked Thakur to speak about some particular vision, he said, “I was going along the Cossipore Road one day. There were heavenly lights all round, Gods and goddesses were singing. I remembered a couple of lines of the music for a long time. I told others about it. Now I can remember only recall the word, `Swagatam’ (welcome). I got into a cane forest one day while walking along the road. Beside myself, I walked on and on. I walked straight on without seeing the course of the road. I came back to my senses when someone else pointed out my condition. Many a time even now I have a feeling that it is I that has become a certain tree.” I had heard that the marks of a whip were once found on the back of Sri Sri Thakur when he saw a horse being whipped. When I asked about this, he said, “We feel pain when we see a man stumbling. This is something like that. Imagination is so strong that without physical stimulus nerves become irritated. As in night pollution, one has a feeling that sexual intercourse is going on, but actually it is not. Still semen is discharged.””Those who follow Swastyayani (the five observances for well being) find that talismans made from flowers used in the Swastyayani ceremony are potent in bringing about desired results,” I said.On hearing this, Thakur said, “They are in a position, probably, to give others a vital push.”Satyada is unwell. At night Sri Sri Thakur said to Birenda, “Can you find out a medicine for Satya? I want it to be an absolutely infallible one.” One remembers in this connection that all the medicines of the Satsang Chemical Works originated in just such an active sympathy and serviceable attitude. Why only medicines ? All the centres of activity have come into being by keeping in sight the material needs of some individual or other. Centering itself on the dominating problems of individual lives and progressing by the intrepid onward march of a loving soul, a nation-wide programme of unique movement comes into being.


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