DISCOURSES : October 13, 1939

October 13, 1939

This morning Sri Sri Thakur said, “If we are strong on our principle, we won’t have to yield to our environment. Instead, our environment yields to us. If we have an urge to do what has to be done, and then actually to do it, and if it is necessary to deal with the environment in that work, the environment too gets enthused. Those who are incapable soon drop of their own accord. Biruda and I went walking one day. After a while Biruda got tired and sat down. I went on ahead without waiting for him. Seeing there was nothing else to do, he got up and walked. “Say, for instance, someone goes out on a particular piece of business. Circumstances may force him to start on a `bad’ day. He finally gets the work done but only after many trials and tribulations. Why should this be ? It is to be understood in such a case that the man has some disorder in motor-sensory co-ordination fulfilling to his principle or in his immediate motor-sensory co-ordination. Due to this in co-ordination, the influence of the environment did not allow he fulfillment of some previous intention then and there. Then, as a result of this un fulfillment, a blundering twist formed in his brain, and this twist went on to create chaos and disorder when he set about the later intention. “Once the Deputy Superintendent of Police in Kustia called me aside and said, `I cannot allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to come to you,’ He threatened me in many ways. But I said, `I cannot stop anyone from coming, and it is not proper on your part to talk like that.’ Later on, he would himself come to see me at least once, if not twice, every day. So it goes. “In the beginning many spies would come and take down notes of the talks and conversations we had. We made a box, and we would beg money from passengers on the river steamers, We helped many people from that fund ; we even helped a number of the spies. Then those that we tried to help would be after us. I understood them all, but I gave to them anyway.” “That would be doing them a disservice.” I protested. Sri Sri Thakur said, “It is my idea that if I don’t look after them, they will not live. When a sick person takes a forbidden food, does he do so understanding what will result ? It is his disease that inclines him to it. It is the same with the spies. My attitude is : let them live first of all. The way to gradual correction lies open if one lives. Who can become good being finished ? All hope is gone then.”We talked of many things after this. In the course of the conversation Sri Sri Thakur said, “When I used to repeat Name, Lord Krishna would come and play on the flute. My ears would be filled with enchanting music. I would see Sri Krishna as one of my own age. But his complexion is not dark at all. It is almost like grass turned pale when covered up for a few days. I have seen Mother Kali many times. At first sight she would seem just like my mother. No difference at all. That is, perhaps, the reason why my attachment to my mother increased so. Once I went to Dakshineswar and felt very thirsty. A man supplied water to many but I was left out. I felt very unhappy and cross, I went over to Sri Ramakrishna’s room. Things looked so familiar ! But that may not mean much. It may be due to my having heard things before hand. Then I went and slept in the Panchboti grove. I saw Mother Kali coming. Dark, yet how soothing was her beauty ! She came and put my head on her knees. At her touch I was beside myself. I could not resist her wishes. I had to do whatever she said. She said in an endearing tone, `You asked for food when others were present. How could I give you then ? Darling, take these.’ I saw luchi, borphi, sandesh on a plate bright and golden. She fed me, I ate all and with great relish. When I had finished—drinking water and all—someone called me. I got up and found my hunger and thirsts were gone. I walked till ten that night but felt no hunger. I heard that such things should not be told : so I did not tell them before.”

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