DISCOURSES : October 9, 1939

October 9, 1939

In the evening a gentleman from Calcutta came and desired to know how to make progress in business. Sri Sri Thakur said, “Yajan (self-exaltation), Yaajan (the exaltation of others), and Ishtabhriti (the maintenance of one’s Ideal) are the foremost duties of man. One must exert oneself for one’s becoming, and at the same time convince the environment to do the same. Man cannot get by, ignoring his environment. That is why it is to a man’s interest to serve his environment. At every turn Yaajan and service are required. Say, for example, you have a cycle shop. You start thinking how to supply everyone with a cycle. Perhaps you think to supply even a poor man by letting him pay in installments. You do Yaajan with him about how convenient it would be for him to have a cycle. When he goes in for a cycle and enjoys its advantages, he will express a heartfelt gratitude for what you have done, saying, “Such and such a man has considered my financial position and has made it possible for me to have this cycle. Had he not given me special consideration, I would never have had it. He made it very easy for me.” Hearing his words, many pour into your shop, and thus your business begins to thrive. If instead of this you had looked for greater profits by cheating him, he would probably have detected it and said to others, “Look out, don’t go ever to that man’s shop. He is a cheat.” If you have a thousand customers and you get a very small profit from each of them which they know about, is that not better than taking a greater profit from a hundred? The Sanskrit word for business comes from a root meaning, “That which truly saves from death.” “But whatever you do, have love for your Ideal at the root of it. Passions then remain in your control. Serviceable attitude arises. Work becomes flawless. Whoever comes in contact with you sticks to you like glue, enchanted with your Ideal-fulfilling service and attitude. Human wealth increases. And progress becomes inevitable. Man becomes eligible for good out of this attachment for Ideal. That is why Guru is called man’s Supreme Good. Only by following him can man have good.”

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