DISCOURSES : October 17, 1939

October 17, 1939

Jatinda asked, “What should a student organization be like ?” Sri Sri Thakur answered, “One should meet a necessity as it arises in the course of work. A thing is best built that way.” The subjects of Hitler and Mussolini came up. Sri Sri Thakur said, “Without a Guru a man’s balance does not stand. Sivaji, though a ruler, presented his dominion to Ramdas and ran it in trust for him. He was as afraid of Ramdas as a child of a bogey. But his fear was due to his unflinching love. That is why he could remain steady in the midst of the greatest dangers. He never got so much as a scratch. Mussolini can disobey the king if he likes, but he does not.” About Hitler, Sri Sri Thakur said, “Attachment for mother is not all. One must have a fulfilling centre. A man may be small, insignificant, but if his attachment for a superior stands, he will rise. A man may be lowering his eyes today, but who knows what heights he will reach tomorrow ?” Explaining why Ramachandra killed Shambuik. Sri Sri Thakur said, “Shambuik was breaking the Varnasram and disrupting the society. Acquiring the qualities of a Brahmin may be an Ideal for all of us, but we must not ignore the duties that go with our own inherited traits. One must evolve brahminical qualities with work that fits with one’s inherited instincts. Our great seer, Janaka, did not give up the work of a protector of the state. A businessman cannot acquire brahminical qualities by ignoring activities that are instinctive to him. If he tries that, the society disintegrates. How can a merchant qualify to know God if he does not even know his own business ? Whatever one may do, one should do it standing on one’s hereditary instincts. Then the society stays right. The Prati-Ritwiks (social worker) that are being recruited from among the business and administrator classes should work with this in mind ! Aryans lay more stress on inborn instincts than on acquired characteristics. Instincts are automatic, like the action of the heart at the present time. This action may not have been so once ; we might have had to impart it deliberately. But now the heart goes on whether we pay attention to it or not. A quality that is automatic like that is called an instinct. A particular action is converted into an instinct by repetition through generations. The tempering of steel that is done by hand by the blacksmiths of Ujirpur is an example. It is unparalleled even today. They are supposed to be able to make pistols even ! An instinct doesn’t die off in a thousand years. If we can gather ourselves up today in chromosomic clusters, there is no telling how much we can achieve. We have everything in our blood. Super selective, interclass marriage and common Ideal are the two cementing factors in the society. How mistaken we are when we try to cry down one great man and establish another ! We thereby create sectarianism. That is how the nation gets disintegrated into lumps. We must be concentric on the present one who fulfills all the past, and stand on Yajan, Yaajan and Ishtabhriti. We must all observe these things ourselves and make others follow them. What a great thing can be achieved by Yaajan ! How much time would it take to build a nation if a thousand Ritwiks went to difference villages of Bengal doing Yaajan and groups went out to the difference provinces doing the same ? They talk of unemployment ! Our Dipankar was an inhabitant of Bajrajogini (eastern Bengal). What great things he achieved with Yaajan ! There are so many pure Aryans among the Bengalis. When there were attacks in other sections, Aryans flew into this corner. The life and blood of these people is not a common place thing, we don’t have the least idea of what we have, and Kestoda has collected some facts. One becomes amazed to hear them. It would be difficult to surpass this race if it were once united.” Kestoda of Chandan Nagar asked, “What will my work be ?” Sri Sri Thakur said, “What is to be done is all laid out. `Let us kill the enemy in any way’ !” I asked, “By `what is to be done’ you mean Ideal’s interest and His establishment, do you not ?” Sri Sri Thakur said, “Yes, that is the compass for all voyages in the world. Our movements have to be directed by it. Nothing else need be mentioned. His interest and establishment are like the two poles, North and South. Merely the interest of Ideal will not do. You may perhaps steal a million rupees and serve the interest of Ideal that way, but seeing that people will say, `That man is a Guru of thieves.’ That may fulfill the interest of Ideal but will not help in His establishment. One has to keep an eye on this too. If one has to go to prostitute’s house for the interest and establishment of Ideal, one can be in possession of good. Sin is that which makes us fall off from our support. Sin has no other meaning than this.” Thakur then added, “If Kestoda decides that he will not allow five hundred people to fall off, tries heart and soul for their good, serves them with all his might, and these five hundred in turn each give a crumb for his sake, then Kestoda’s bowl will be filled. And then, in addition to meeting his own needs, he can maintain many others.” I asked, “Normal renunciation comes as a final phase of following the four-fold path. Can one attain this stage of sainthood without going through the whole process ?” Sri Sri Thakur answered, “A sadhu or saint is one who can carry things through to their completion. The word `sadhu’ originates from a word that means `to acieve’. What sort of saint is he who does not take responsibility and do his duty ? The work and responsibility of one who is surrendered to good increases more.” Sri Sri Thakur said in another connection, “We do not come across Aryans in their true colors anymore. That is why we don’t appreciate their nature. If it blossoms once more, then only will we understand their real grandeur. Let alone a Brahmin ! We don’t even meet a pure and ideal Baishya. Could we be in such a miserable condition if the Baishyas were all right ? When the Baishyas forgot their Ideal and Culture and joined hands with their foreign brothers-in-trade, the ruin of the nation began.” Sri Sri Thakur asked Kestoda to find two mechanics proficient in molding, electroplating, milling, turning etc. He went on in a tone of regret, “Shortage, of men is our only difficulty. How much we could have achieved here if we had men in the right places ! The instruments in the laboratory are being wasted for lack of men. If we get proper men for the workshop, we can provide for the food of a thousand people. And we want people that will not accept any salary but will take the responsibility of all undertakings, maintain the workers and remain happy accepting the minimum for them. People outside may tempt them with money ; they will not be tempted. It is extremely difficult for an expert, however big he may be, to be successful if money be his real aim and not the building of an institution. Then again, one must have a good temperament. These are people of different mentalities here. A man must have tenacity to stick.”

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