DISCOURSES : October 18, 1939

October 18, 1939

In the evening a new visitor said to Thakur, “However much we exert ourselves, everything depends on luck. Someone is not able to achieve anything even after a lot of trouble; while some­one else comes out successful after just a little effort.”

Sri Sri Thakur said, “But luck depends on doing. It is to be understood that one who is not able to achieve is disordered in his doing. Fate (the unforeseen) means the effect of our actions that pervades the environment and gets scattered beyond our sight. No orderliness comes into a man’s activity, no harmony sprouts, individuality doesn’t grow, and the individual doesn’t get integ­rated if there be no principle. The complexes alone guide the man. Complexes are complicated and entangling. That is why they are called complexes. Once entangled in one, a man is not able to see anything outside it. It turns out to be his universe. There is no connection between one of them and another. A man remains impri­soned in whatever he enters into. So many people work such a great deal. But a peasant boy turns out to be minister all of a sudden. How does he do it? At the root of this there is attraction or inclination toward a desired one. Attachment is everything. I cannot claim that you won’t be able to find a single great man in this world without active attachment to a superior beloved, but there are very few such. We read history but we miss the glowing point in a man’s life.”

The visitor said, “Why should I depend on someone? I can do it all myself.”

Sri Sri Thakur replied. “Man’s very exis­tence depends on others. I used to say to myself, ‘I am He; I am He’ for a while, but that doesn’t seem to fit in well with human nature. By that process everything seems to recoil back on oneself. I can utter, ‘I am He’ only when I am able to see all others to be the same as He. An ‘I am He’ and ‘All others are just nothing’ attitude does not get anyone anywhere. I like ‘I am Thine’. If there is somebody as Thou, and if there is a tension due to an urge of fulfilling him, our sensi­tiveness and receptivity increase. We grow as a result of this; otherwise we go down and down under the weight of complexes and ego. In other words there is libido in man. This libido wants to get attached. A man who becomes active due to attachment of this libido to superior (mother, Guru and so on) is bound to rise. The Gita says, ‘There is no intelligence or becoming for one who is not attached, no peace for one who has no becoming, and no enjoyment for one who does not have peace.’ Perhaps in another place it says, ‘Attachment is the technique of achievement.’ Is that not so? It is the sum and substance. The word ‘Thakur’ means one who knocks. Our com­plexes are in conflict with him. Adjustment results out of this conflict if there is attachment.”

Visitor : “I understand the love for mother of Hitler and Mussolini, but we don’t see any love for Guru in their cases.”

Sri Sri Thakur : “A deep love for mother is sure to hurl you forward. Then comes love for Guru. One needs a Guru because he can guide at every stage, and we grow bigger day by day in our loving pursuit of him. If there be love for Guru or mother, motor-sensory co-ordination is inevitable.”

Regarding Lord Krishna, the visitor said, “I can at best call him a superman. I cannot look upon him as God. After all, he was a human being.”

Sri Sri Thakur answered, “But I don’t under­stand God without man, and even if there be one, what have I to do with him? He does not even procure me so much as a piece of pie. When we speak of God, we understand a man in whom the virtues (wealth, strength, fame, beauty, knowledge, and detachment) are alive. We cannot conceive of Rabindranath’s poetic ability without Rabindranath. We come to think of Rabindranath first and his poetic ability after. We think of a kind man when we speak of kindness. Where can kindness exist without a kind one? And how on earth can we feel it?”


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