DISCOURSES : November 16, 1939

November 16, 1939

Satyada was telling Sri Sri Thakur that a man in Calcutta had taken Istobhriti money from many on the pretence of wanting to purchase a hookka ( smoking pipe ) for him. Thakur said, “Why should people give their Istobhriti money to him ? It is their misdoing. It is nice to trust, but it’s not so nice to be a foot. I have indicated clearly where one should send Istobhriti money. Why should anyone accept a contrary version from another man ? Everybody should know that as soon as the moths come around a light, lizards come too.”


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Follower of Shree Shree Thakur Anukulchandra ji,Spiritual,B tech Student,Web Designer and Addicted to PC Games.
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