DISCOURSES : October 20, 1939

October 20, 1939

It was night time and Sri Sri Thakur was sitting on a chowki placed on the river- embankment facing east. Jatinda, Kestoda of Chandannagore, Amar-bhai and others were present.

Sri Sri Thakur : “Each of the Aryan cust­oms is the result of extensive experiment. What a extremely scientific race these people have been! The more I think about it, the lower my head bows, out of regard for them. Each of their recommendations for living has a hygienic effect. One should not eat food offered by a person who’s personal and family characteristics are not known. For the sake of a healthy body it is essential to be parti­cular about this. Nobody knows what type of disease a man can have. A man may be immune himself but another person may be affected by taking food from him. One should not take food offered even by a Vipra who is lacking in a good way of living. One must not use somebody else’s bed. Nor is it proper to share a bed with some­one else. One should not put on somebody else’s clothes. I have known of cases where people have got gonorrhea by putting on the clothes of a gonorrhea patient. The other day people took food in a group along with the sweepers, but is there any account of how many diseases they have carried away with them? Unity gets im­paired even between two brothers brought up together from childhood. Things would have been very simple indeed if unity was to be established by dining together on one or two occasions! Eating cow-dung helps to revive the mental and physical state. Cow-dung is used in the swabbing of floors. We may look on it as nonsense, but there are very few things that have such bacteria-phage qualities as cow-dung. There is an element in cow-dung that kills bacteria. Just think too of of the beneficial effect of sacrificial fire. Clarified butter is burned in the fire – the atmosphere gets, ionized by this. This is extremely beneficial to health. When inhaled, it increases longevity. A sacrificial fire used to be lighted every day in an Aryan home. What a holy atmosphere would play around the house! And what a healthy thing was the custom of hyper-gamy!”


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