DISCOURSES : October 21, 1939

October 21, 1939

Sri Sri Thakur was sitting on Khepuda’s verandah this morning. Many mothers and brothers were standing around.

Sri Sri Thakur :“Jaajan ( talking about Ideal with others) means nothing more than explaining to a man how he may conduct his daily life and elating him in such a manner that he becomes actively interested in Ideal. Talks about Thakur can come later. If you start with the preaching ‘Nothing will come of anything without Thakur’, what can that mean to him, however true it is for you? Whatever you do, you must proceed through his problems. The building becomes strong if you will start with that foundation stone. Don’t you see how strong a house is if iron reinforcements are put in its foundation ? One must start with a man from where he is and what he is interested in. He will be interested in your Ideal as he develops interest in you.”

Manmathada asked, “What sort of jaajan should women do ?”

Sri Sri Thakur said, “Women are different from men. They have to maintain their own Distinctive quality. After all, women cannot go about in different places and do jaajan like you. Kll their progress lies through systematic love service in their family environment. If, instead,, hey go about like so-called ‘progressive’ women, they lose their distinctiveness.”
About Swastyayani Thakur said, “One can start Swastyayani (an instrument of well being) with the same approach one uses with one’s daily bread. After one has begun, one can start planning how one can do it every day.”

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