DISCOURSES : November 14, 1939

November 14, 1939

Sri Sri Thakur was resting on his bed after supper, as he talked to Kesto-da. “It seems to me that the sperm that is responsible for a new life stays on even after death. It does not get destroyed. It stays on and is called sometimes, ectoplasmic body. It is so fine that it doesn’t get burned in fire. If this is true for man, it is also true for plants, bricks, wood and all other things. That is why man can put on clothes even after death and eat fruits if he so likes.”

In the morning Sri Sri Thakur was sitting on a bench in the northern 
courtyard  of his mother's house. He was discussing various subjects with 
Bhabataran-da  of Sinthee. Kesto-da and Khepu-da were also present. 
Sri Sri Thakur asked me  to read out some mottoes. I was read­ing out a 
motto on character-building of  children.

Thakur went on to explain , “The father may be asking his boys to bow down at the feet of his superiors, but is not doing that himself. This is very bad. The request means something only when the father does so first. Then again, the father may not give due appreciation to the mother of his children. Or may be the mother doesn’t speak of the father’s good qualities. This is very harmful. Regard cannot grow. And if the parents quarrel in the presence of the children, it is even worse. Dire consequences follow.”

After a while Sri Sri Thakur spoke: “This money business. I do not think it so important. If someone gives me something, I do not become happy out of getting that thing. But I enjoy the fact that the urge of giving is benefiting the giver. When I am receiving, I think I can meet the wants of many and I give away accordingly. I have no attachment for it or inclination toward it. You are all my real wealth. My nature is such that if someone feels even a little bit sick, I feel that I am in a state of loss and I feel depres­sed. Then again, man’s relations with me revolve about his mishaps. Nobody comes up with a piece of good news, or news of success. They all come when they’re in a tight corner. Someone might be praying, ‘Thakur, I have purchased this lottery ticket. Whatever I get over five thousand is entirely yours. I won’t keep a farthing more than five thousand.’ He may get fifty thousand, and I won’t see him for the dust. He’ll come back again only when he has wrought perfect ruin on himself with that money and has become a pauper again. At that time I cannot tell him, `As you have sowed, so that you have reaped’. I become pained at the sight of sufferings, and all I want to do is take care of him. I forget all his faults.”


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  1. Rishabh sri says:

    I like love thakur thought all subject

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