DISCOURSES : February 4, 1940

February 4, 1940

Shree Shree Thakur pointed to one of us sitting around him in the afternoon and said, “I have been telling him that whenever I feel inclined towards a man I cannot rest until I am able to make him up to my liking. I like him to come up to that standard by any means, whether by thrashing, beating or whatever. One who is not able to stand that can do nothing but fail. How cruel Ramdas Swami was to Shivaji. People were surprised to see the amount of beating Shivaji had to take. But Shivaji bore the punishment head bowed. One must have such a grit that one does not rest until all are restored to the right path by constant stinging, may death come by it or the highest peak of glory.”

About shreeshreethakur

Follower of Shree Shree Thakur Anukulchandra ji,Spiritual,B tech Student,Web Designer and Addicted to PC Games.
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