DISCOURSES : February 5, 1940

February 5, 1940

Kestoda, Ramda, Saratda, Haripadada, Umada, Khagenda and others were sitting in Sree Sree Thakur’s room. Sree Sree Thakur did a little bit of mental figuring and said:
“It is not at all difficult for the Ritwiks and Adhwaryyus to draw a benefaction of two to four hundred rupees a month. It may turn out so that all good people will be attracted to this. Efficient people will no longer be available for salaried jobs. The work of a yaajak is much more profitable and respect­able from all standpoints than that of a sub-deputy Magistrate. Each Ritwik should have his-own staff of doctors, engineers, agriculturists, industrial experts, scientists etc. A particular area is perhaps suffering from drought.”

“That should put a bee in the bonnet of the Ritwik. His gang should immediately take to research. This group should render service to man in all possible ways ; inward, outward and at all levels. One also has the task of controlling the fund set aside for the service of environment. A total of 15,000 rupees per annum is likely to be collected in a thana where 10,000 people are daily offering. Istobhriti. If that fund is utilized for the benefit of that area, one need not fawn for favour.”

“On one occasion a canal is dug, electricity is perhaps installed on another, a school is built, industry is developed and so on. People cry themselves hoarse for independence, but if one moves on like this, independence will come without a movement for it. People will spontaneously understand what is good for them, what is advantageous to them. Each individual has the whole world to gain and nothing to lose from an arrangement and organi­zation of service directed toward the benefit of mankind and for the fulfillment of the interest at all ; even a madman understands when something good is done to him.”

“That is why I cannot under­stand how any person can have conflict with us. People used to starve and carry on some move­ment by going to prison. Try to think for a while the difference between such a movement inaugu­rated by the inflicting of suffering on oneself and the type I suggest. The leaders are not able to understand this simple thing, Try to appreciate them what a path the Aryans used to tread ! That is why the scriptures have stressed Istobhriti in so many ways. I also assert that there can be no more honourable professions than those of Ritwik, Adhwaryyu and Yaajak. Each penny is given out by man’s cordial urge. How sacred it is ! It has no comparison with the money earned by service. Juice from the date palm is a kind of liquid; so is urine. How different they are intrinsically ihough they look so much alike !”

“And in this setup you are not slave to anyone. You are under obligation to none. You are just children of the Lord. That is why the gift from me to you is better than the donation taken directly from the oblate. Under the latter arrange­ment some amount of obligation sets in. One has to serve their whims to a certain extent, and it sometimes becomes an impediment against going all out for the work of the Lord. Jajan, Jaajanr Istobhriti and Swastyayani ; this is all that the work amounts to- There is nothing else to be done. As long as the path is, as far as the eyes, go, this is the way to move on.”

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2 Responses to DISCOURSES : February 5, 1940

  1. Sujoy says:

    Joyguru dada, can u provide the exact reference of this discourse [Name and Page of the book].

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