DISCOURSES : February 7, 1940

February 7, 1940

In the afternoon Thakur talked with Maulavi Sahib. “Rasul on many occasions stressed past Prophets and those that were to follow. He went so far as to say that it was not possible to name the host of Prophets that were to follow. One who tries to make a distinction among the messengers, making one small and another big, is a kafir (unbeliever). There may be five children born of the same father. Don’t you think that you belittle the father by ignoring the others and giving regard to only one of them ? If you arc not able to discover the grandfather in the grand­son, you have not seen the grandfather at all.”

“Grandfather exists in the grandson as the former prophet exists in the present one. It is the annotations that do us mischief $ they twist all that is straight. It is not difficult to believe that there is no difference in the essential facts. All the trouble starts from the artistry of interpreta­tion. There is a group who accept Khoda ( God ) but not the Rasuls. What an absurd position to take ! There are many who make difference between Hazrat Rasul, Hazrat Jesus and Hazrat Buddha. A greater mistake cannot be made.”

Maulavi Sahib listened to all with reverence and said, “All that you say is absolutely right.”


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