DISCOURSES : January 27, 1940.

January 27, 1940

Himaitpur (Pabna)

Sri Sri Thakur was sitting in the Philan­thropy Office. It was about ten o’clock in the morning. I was discussing supreme consciousness (Samadhi) with Kesto-da. Thakur overheard our talk and said, “Samadhi is that peculiar condition which follows integrated solution. This condition, leads a man to thinking he is completely absorbed during it. But that is not the case. When one arrives after much thinking at a complete solution, of a problem, one gets a feeling of unfathomable bliss ; one talks of absorption because one is in ecstasy. Samadhi can take place in a number of ways. One man gets it when absorbed in thoughts of his wife. Another by thinking of money etc. Phenomena have different phases. Supreme con­sciousness, a result of an impression of perfect knowledge, appears when all the phases of a universe pertaining to a particular subject reveal themselves to the perception and intellect.”

“That is why it is often said that a storehouse of know­ledge opens up through Samadhi. Mere intell­ectual solution cannot be called Samadhi. One must feel it with sensation, with being ; for which again it must be meaningful to one’s Ideal. This .Samadhi or integrated solution is followed by activity. You work out the solution obtained. Nothing in you drops off in this. You may be accustomed to visit a prostitute, to throw away pencils after using, to read and write, to serve people, to steal berries and eat them. If so, they will all remain. But they will remain with mean­ing. Whatever you know in this universe must be known as an instrument for fulfilling the interests of your Ideal. The urge to fulfill will itself open up the doors of unlimited action, unlimited knowledge and unlimited ability. Man invariably has the seed of knowledge latent in him. He comes to know whatever he is associated with. How do I talk on so many subjects ? It is all based on realized facts. And whatever I say, and however I may say it, I am talking about essentially the same thing. Lord Ramkrishna said, ‘I am not giving you all the knowledge now.’ He kept things a little closed. I am disclosing them with all clarity and this cannot be appreciated by others unless they get in touch with you. You are going to be the saviours of mankind. Those of you who are actively working with me, you are the future gurus and saviours of humanity.”

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