DISCOURSES : August 21, 1940

August 21, 1940

On the subject of whether or not work for Ideal absolves one from sufferings caused by past deeds Sree Sree Thakur said:

That you will immediately reap all good fruits when you embark on right action—that is not the idea. The effect of wrong action is bound to appear first. Every action gets its effect. Nothing can stop it. But man can manipulate the situation arising out of the action and can so utilize it for the benefit of the Ideal that it cannot give rise to anything but good. The bad thing will come but will not he able to do harm. Take for instance Naren da. He burned his hands and feet in the bus that caught on fire. But he undertook such actions even in this situation that the environment was charmed. Without paying the least heed to his own burns, he started helping out others. He started elating them even in that crisis. He was able to create an atmosphere wherein those who were less injured forgot their own pains and started follow­ing Naren da’s instructions. This is how he could utilize such a serious accident for winning over his environment. This is how an adverse situation can be transformed.”

Nafar da is very unwell. Sree Sree Thakur spoke to him while sitting in the Philanthropy Office.

”There is some complex or other at the root of all illnesses. A man gets overpowered by the passion and moves accordingly; then follows the disease. If you don’t search there and do not lay your hands on that, wherever and however you may seek, whatever may be the quantity of medicine administered, nothing is of any avail. Lawgiver is one of the names of God. One cannot manage without abiding by the laws. Man submits to the life-denying laws of passion but does not go by the laws of life and happiness. That is why suffer­ing becomes inevitable.”


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