Magna Dicta

By Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra

Immunity from contagious ideas against the conviction for the fulfillment of principle, is strength of character.
Cohesive urge by which sperm and ovum adhere and evolve is libido the urge.
Fusional adherence that evolves into being with respective becoming, is life.
Neurotics are fanatically obstinatein passions, but weak in principle.
Where love concentrates, there the being dwells.

Greed for vanity is repellent to love and treacherous to gratefulness.
Love from flattered vain glory ends in enmity.
Love that dose not nurture life and growth is witchy in character.
Leave not your love to lust; know it for certain—that will dwindle you with a thrashing push into the grinning hell of despair.
Passionate insincerity supports irrational expectant jealous love.
Love imparts blooming blossom and lust makes a man gloomy.
Love is seldom mutual but it has a magnetic pull hence love makes the Love, love with love.
More alive the adherence to the Ideal, more is man unshocked and unshaken.
Love-shock is the shock that shakes the source of vital flow!

Grace and Gracious favour are the outcome of unexpectant serviceable love with a tenor of thyness.
Gratuitous love is the leaven of heaven whereas expectant love is a siren call that drags down to devil.
When demands growls without any service that nurtures and blooms with applause to offer herself as a grateful gift, where treachery under the veil of sincere uprightness leads to betray, choking the heart, and when love rebounds with a grab for kisses of passionate lust, forbearance is duped, persecutory delusions haunt with shattered discontent, regard regrets there!
If your love does not revere one’s love, your love will not be loved.
Love without love-service is ever sterile.
Love with no inclination for those who love the love is to be suspected!
Shame to love that betrays and fie, fie on the love that recedes, without any pursuit of perseverance,from theBelovedin distress, unresisting!
Fie to love that effulges not with ardent, sincere and serviceable adherence, that fulfils not and sprouts not up with a persevering forbearance in persecution with every blossomed content!
Leaning to acquisition from ambitious origin is the swindling of illegimate sexuality under the veil of wisdom-monging; whereas love launches to fulfill the Beloved with sublimed divinity whence wisdom effulges to the zenith of glory!
Selfish love that winks with a venerative move to fulfill his own desire can scarcely comply, because of dilatory will, the wishes of Beloved with a self-complaisant immediately: hence it drags one down to despair.
Passion according to its phase, provokes to tutor aggrandizing ambition in the culture of deluding habits and behaviour; attachment invokes to educate wise nessin the need to fulfill the wishes of the Love with habits and behaviour adjusted, with every meaningful concernment.
Service that broods out of devoutness, picking affectionate offers,proclaims the genesis of Love!
Lucid love with fertile vigilance, wishes to discern things consistent with the love with a steady attachment; passionate turbidity always goes without inquisitiveness, to a sterile satisfaction, with a flickering monotony.
He who loves his vanity more, loves his Love less.
When love betrays the Love with a rationalized, hypocritic pierce, urge rebounds, conscience pricks, weakness winks, vain-glory screams with all its ambitious tendrils, false appeasement flowers intoxicated with the blackening obnoxious, zeal comes forth with an odious fragrance, cynic insincerity crawls with a power-loving aspirations!
In love is a concentration of energy,in lust a seduction there of.
Love makes one steady, unquivering, majestic and active with every cautious insight.
Love fails to fulfill contentment where unlike,opposite leaning serves with a passionate delicious dish !
When the Ideal is awake in man, he is active, agile, inquisitive, responsible, alert and tactful, in a word all faculties bloom and glow.
Never be procrastinating to your principle :ill-fated failure will drag down your achievement—beware !
Be conversant with them who love Lord the Love unrepelling and be in love with love– the way to heaven ;and that is the way to love, knowledge and bliss.
Do love the Lord and him who fulfils Him and do forbid and resist the cross that He shall be crucified no more !
To ignore the source is to be deprived of resources.
Prophets are the materialized living embodiments of the way to heaven hence man can seldom approachGod but by them!

Lord is come the watch of our bread is come!
Repel the devil by resistance and win by love.
Sympathetic in-tuned feeling that leads one to be delighted with fulfillment as if his own, is the index of love.
Love reveals admiration, service and offer of gratitude with every sincerity ;lust creates demand, deprivation andnegligence with every lassitude.
Blessed is the sentiment that enjoys self-complaisance in service the superior even through hindrance andpersecution.
We love our Lord—we worship God through our love for Him.
To comply with the wishes of Beloved the Superior with every uphill contentment in the shortest reaction-time, is the crucial measure to test that the complexes are adjusted with a meaningful achievement.
Any gratuitousunrestricted daily offerto Superior Belovedachieved through energeticvolition and ability,renders onegraduallyabler and ablerwith an undauntedenergy within—that makes one rockyin his standwhere others quiverin a stormy blast—and that is called”Samarthi Yoga.”
Non-responsive, non-participating,Non-persuasive, non-pursuing,Non-coordinating and non-reconcilingattitudewithout any patienthearing to understand,are the deaf disqualificationsof a moving manwho has the charge of moving othersto ordinating integrationfor the fulfillment of principle.
Non-compliant ignoring of the wishesof the chosen Belovedis the tokenthat the love is selfish,fragile and frivolous.
A learned powerwho with unblassed posenever encouragingly inclines towardsnor induces servicefor the Ideal, principle andprocess of being and becomingand never opposes,nor rules to check the deterioratinginfluencesto make service of becoming free to roll,showing a compromising pitybetween Satan and Godliness,is surely a licensed of heaven :to him woe is welcome!
Whoever serves the environmentfor his own sakeshall lose it,and he who does itfor Lord’s sakeshall be crowned !
Blessed is he who loves the Lordabove all—grace blowswith a blossomed fragrance,and the Lordfor them,is baffled with a tinyflickering grace ;he who loves the environmentand the Lord equally,bastard is the love in him ;and when one loves the Lordwith every ardent desireand loves the environmentonly for Himwith all shining service,heaven comes stretching its handwith the crown of lovethat glows and shines others too !
Where the prophet dwells,devils are near about !where the Lord shines,devil grins !where good is in glowthere folk will flow !to ignore the goodsmile the blood.
Any effort,any acquisition,any wealth that goesto fulfill anythingabove whichthe Lord is not enthroned,isfutilethrough the conflictof complexesthat falter !
Any repulsion for anythingin the Lordis the insincereunsurrendered obsessionthat leads to insane,deviatingingratitudewhich drags downwith a passionate drawto the hellto grin !
Foetid fault ovulatesand hatches betrayalin himwho loves the lover of Lordbut does not love Lord’s ownto whom the Lord is darling.
Indolent self-denial inserving the Idealis a hypocricy of surrenderthat hurls downwith a dragto shatter.
Sweet tongue,exalting habits and behaviourwith servicesand unexpecting devoted adherenceto the Idealis the royal road to win.
Indolent self-denial inserving the Idealis a hypocricy of surrenderthat hurls downwith a dragto shatter.
Sweet tongue,exalting habits and behaviourwith servicesand unexpecting devoted adherenceto the Idealis the royal road to win.
To materializethe wishes of Belovedthe Lovewith every fulfillmentand sharp tactful immediacy—throwing behindallother calculating back-out tenorsis the only wayto achieve love, energyand perfect skill.
Do and do materializewith every immediacy,in desired time,the wishes of your Superior Belovedas you are asked for—managing all events and affairsfor success—this is the only wayto thrive with efficiency.
Beware of that manwho seeks favourat the expense of Love-Lord–the sourceof his fate !
Unity of purposeinvites amityand unison of principlecreates friendshipand brotherhood.
Constancyto fulfill the Idealinvites the constitutionthat fulfils.63Whatever thou artbe ever sincere to thy Lordand do what He speaks to theewith every tenaciousardent immediacythat is the only wayto earn the urge for success.
  1. 64Do , liveand save all—let thy untotteringadherenceto the Lordbe thy thunder-wand.

All the wisdom of previous prophetsis conscientiously concentratedin the divine Manof the present,–hence He the way to heaven.
To follow andmaterialize in timethe mandate of the Lord,is a treasureof luckand heaven.
God is one, Dharma is one,Prophets are same, –servers of the One;conflict and animosity with any ofthemproclaims the presenceof opposite – the Satan;surrender to the Supreme is the saucethat brings heavendownto the soul and service;do love, do serve, do surrender,do ever for Providence,the Lord, the Ideal, the source of all sources,with every inter-interested serving zealthat serves the Ideal–Fulfiller the best of the past andpresentWhose presence is to fulfill not to destroy !utter and act with every enthusiasm,surrender to the enlightened and only !surrender to the enlightened Seersthat are fulfillers of the past,surrender to the Fathers thatfollow the right way,surrender to Varnasram thatevolves out of Providence,surrender to the all-fulfillingFulfiller of the present, this is the Aryan path’this is Dharma that upholds existence,this the eternal truththat all are to surrender to !
Do meditate Mantra on thy Lorddawn and night,do repeat the Holy Namementally and meaningfullyin all the movements of daily life,do materialize the directionsof the Guru in due time—that is Tapas—the way to achievement !
Let every one,out of the urge to fulfill his Lord,be conversantly conscious of hisneighbour provinces and sistercountriesand willingly serve them dailyas his own,with his daily earningswith every good wish :that is the blessedwayto make all adequatelyinter-interested,with every nurtureof progressive prosperity.
Self-conceited devoutnessis ever blindto protectand nurture his Lord.71Provide Providence,protect thy Lordinthoughts and deed–that will process you all,—ever !
Keep thy Lord unshokedby pains and calamitieswith alert, serviceableand adjusting manipulation,–thus protectthyselfthereby !
Esteemed revering attitudefor the Superioris the only esteemed guideto progressive attachment.
When sufferingand abhorrence in lifefail to set up repugnanceagainst Ideal, principle,cult and cultureand to prompt perverse ventures,there lies manhood, educationand wisdom,-
-frailty is off,eyes glow,heart smiles,mind is adjusted up !
He is the existence of all that exists,thereby He, the Sat ;He is the responsivenessof all that respond,so Chit—that He is ;He is the becomingof each that becomes,thus He, the Ananda as known,He made Him Himself,–materialized with the matterof Sat-Chit-Anandathat of Him and Hiswhich is and was.
He who loves the lover of the Lordbut does not longto love the Lordis the forging dupethat feignsto fulfill selfishmotiveloving none !
Do love,enjoy—and wisdom !
Righteous inclination,contented offer with serviceand unrepelled forbearancein persecutionare the angelsthat fulfill the Lovewith ardent enthusiasm !
Miracle, mercy or might-mongingis the indolent, weakling tenorof ignorancethat may dupe oneto the dogswithoutimparting sincere,tenacious adherenceto righteousnessthat zeals character.
Where mind thinks of Belovedwith every wistful interest,–repelling all repellants,mental chastity glowswithchasteness !
Where effortsto serve the interest of Beloved,zeal abilitywith a refusalof foreign contact,chastity dwellsin physique !
And where coordinating fulfillmentof spirit, mind and physiquedwells in every eager contentmentin the interest of Beloved,normal chastity smiles !
Persevering forbearance in persecution,serviceable self-contentmentand loving offer,unrepelled, tenaciousadherenceare the indicatorsof genuine love.
Where love adhereswith untottering,sincere,serviceable righteousness,the spirit is chaste.
Whoever loves or serves oneor manyshall lose thembut he who loves or serves Oneor manyfor his Beloved the Lord,shall have them !
Where love loves the Lovemore than anythingis loved,being serves therewith a kneeling admiration,ovationandforbearanceof persecution !
Never miss to takewhat you ought to do,–and be seldom a preyto mistake.
Judge onewhen you can place yourselfin his positionout and out.
Where temples are enlivenedwith love and regard,tempters loiterin the vicinity border !
To thrive on—from the savings of output—to ensure the nurtureof life and growthwith all their budding traits,is theinterestthat pushes one up !
A servant for moneyis often disqualifiedto master the same,—hence wealth mourns awaywith insignificant glow.
Progressive profitable adjustmentof household affairsthat makeseach and all inter-interestedwith their environmentinan equitable distributionof norm and nurtureis economyas I think.
To enhance idle moneyprofitablyfor renovating people in generalby serviceis banking as I think.
What invites specific talentsand aptitudesas begotten gift,is the specificationof `Varna’.
Mother nurtures the seed,Father blooms in child!
Never wipe offthe genuine pedigreed shrubs,otherwise you lose once for allthe genuine genesof the varietalgroupingsthat specialize.
Hypergamous polygyny is more sacredthan to be wedded with the divorced—hence adulterated ;and chastehypergamous monogynywith selfcontented virginal cleaveis ever virtuous ;but it is a hell to the motherwho bindsherselfagain in nuptial bonds.
Contented, virtuous hypergamous monogynywith an auto-interestedserving zealthat makes each other cleavein a psycho-physical weddingis the monumental,virgin ascetic endowmentof societythat begets godly traditionand makes many up ;whereas hypergamous polygynywith contended auto-serviceable adherenceis encouragingas it begets a variety of traitsof superior caliber.
Ovum—the soilshould be bio-physically adaptedand nurturing to the seedand that is the processto fertilize for agoodprogeny.
Hypogamy is the parentthat begetsmonstrous effulgenceof distortionwhich drags the society downto the boisteroushellof disintegration.
Any education,quality, learning or famethat does not fulfill Belovedthe Lordwith every meaningfulprogressiveadjustmentis fascinating harlotthat deviates the peopleto dogswith an enchanting hoax.
Bio-educated traitsare the degreediplomaed by nature.
Literation makes thecomplexes facilitatedwhereaseducation enlightens the being,hence its index, habits andbehaviorglows on in asonorous rhyme.
Interested, Interdependentacceleration to becomingof every individualby which being is nurturedaccording to itspositionand special aptitude,with due resistance to evil,—that’s the Politicsand Lawto follow.
Organized equitable individual libertywith an apt economicprovisional balanceand biological evolutionof culturethatmakes the beingprogressive to the unboundedeternal entityis the fundamentof Socialistic Indo-Aryanism.
Common electorate, adult franchiseand responsible abilitiesin the right placewith integrating becomingofresponsiveself-administrationare the angelsof democratic independence.
Administrative organizationof the peoplein a varietal groupingof individuals with similar instinctsthat makes each one serve otherswith an auto-induced instinctive hankercreating an inter-related cosmosin the disintegrated chaos of individuals—ever enunciatingthe principle of life and growthand thus evolvinginto a natural concentrationof constituted monitorial monarchyis the consummationof the republican State.
Which people stand on is State, Government is the administration and djustment to fulfill the people.
Every country should prepare herself with every needful resource against terrific emergencies of her sister countries— similarly every province, district or community should be prepared for sister provinces, districts or

  1. communities and this is the only material cementing interest that makes each other interested for progressive life and growth making misery
  2. materially impossible.

Vox mundum expletorivox supreme deivoice of the fulfiller of all mankindis the voice of the SupremeGod.
Do move the mobrepeatedly—in newer manners,to have them move on.
Where the disciplesare of the same principlewith every sincerity,discipline is automatic.
To dwellbeing a darlingin the temple-houseof the Lordwith an inter-interestednormal service of love,is the freedomthat heaven dictates.
Extreme the attachment,tremendous the move.
Undue allurementinvites ingratitude.
The psycho-physical mouldingof objects and affairsto fulfill the interestof the Principal,unfurling the facultiesof perception, conception,discretion and remembrancewith a shortening of the reaction timeis the fundamentof concentrationand meditation.
Where purposewith its exuberant urgefor the principletransmutes obstaclesto materialize itselfinto realityin the way of becoming,Mukti or Salvation dwells therewith a showery,effulgent zeal !
Wiser is he who can see and reckon his faults and adjust accordingly

  1. for betterment.

All the aspects of the discrete resolving into a meaningful concrete

  1. with divine amity and wisdom which effulge into character and personality,
  2. is the normal indication of a saint ; Hence He the normal Master of Justice.

Perception of pulsations of evils and good in the seeming good and evils

  1. with apt adjustment, is the characteristic of the enlightened.

Ingratitude, selfishness and mean-minded service make a good beverage

  1. to Satan and the unfortunate.

When grief, sorrow and suffering do not make one consider one’s own frailty

  1. but that of others only, apathy, hatred and jealousy come creeping.

Any communal hatred of a community against another which adores and follows any Prophet, is a sin to the community, a curse on the followers

  1. and blasphemy to the prophets.

When they find none to blame, They blame one— That’s God ; only then Satan looks to Him !
Profiteering arbitration always deplores compassionate justice.
The unscrupulous selfish are always wisely foolish and brazenfaced,—

  1. luxurious deprivers of self in lust of lucre, and harmful to others !

Ill, idle, self-conceited admitters of fault are often harmful backbiters

  1. like the serpent.

The unfortunate generally blame others.
Terrific taunt Mortifies the soul !
Organized material adjustment of affairs for the spirit invokes its advent

  1. that enlivens !

Ovational denying of the command of Lord only to preserve His life and progress, is blessed— and God smiles thereto !
Be in timed accuracy in what you ought to do in the affair, to well up your purpose.
The unfortunate are enlightenedly used to ignore to materialize the advice of the experienced.
Ignoring, unserving and covetous selfishness is a dazzling friend of ingratitude which asserts foolish priority that deprives.
Non-violence alone can seldom help much in the elevation of soul ;

  1. do love, do ransack evil and do ransom it with good nurturing service,—
  2. thus be alert and inquisitive to control and beat violence off, and elevate one to the Divine— The Lord !

The self-centric are always conscious of self and blind to others— so they are of impaired farsightedness.
Nature is ordained to resist and rule evil, and nurture Existence to exist.
All the prophets of the past converge and awaken in that of the present ;

  1. love to Him is love to all— in the worship of God.

Contentious, communal difference is the hellish distance from prophets, God and Dharma but service and spiritual kinship are near to them.
Diary is the dairy of experience.
Glow of character glows the temperament of the environment.
Discontent dooms effort and achievement, whereas contented ardour

  1. for the source is the course that pushes to success !
Conceiving, exerting, and achieving are the factors on which will rolls.
Protect thy life, Similarly others too— With rights and riches.
Selfish comparative calculation is a drier that evaporates admiration, love and regard, but sympathetic, serving consideration makes them blooming.
God is ever autocratic but Satan desecrating.
Surrender to the Supreme is the bliss that beams benign autocracy of automatic love and service.
Knavish fools are generally ungrateful,unserving and selfish—conceited criticswith a philosophyof negation !
Allurement that serves not to progressive profit,is a lure to Satanic fall.
Constancy to fulfill the Ideal invites the Constitution that fulfills.
Be prudent and be bathed in repenting penance, then beg pardon with a follow of fulfilling zeal— may bliss with amity embrace you !
Do serve— Service will serve you Equally.

Consider, seek out thy fault, do correct, adjust and behave accordingly,
  1. perfection will approach with the crown of success and adorement.

Sameness of self-centred interest often begets enmity.
Unity of purpose invites amity and unison of principle creates friendship

  1. and brotherhood.

Knowledge that does not know to apply, is dazzling ignorance.
Haphazard activity creates quake in success and invites troubles

  1. with disappointment.
It is better to be an active fool than an idle wise!

Alert, principled and organized integrity with power, piety and forbearance
  1. invite peace and progress.
Compromise of common interest is the comrade of misery.
Knowledge lodges in man and man is the way to have it.
Non-violence that nurtures, shelters or encourages evil and violence
  1. is violence alias non-violence and is a sin that defies society.
Hinder your fall And hinder the fall of others too; Fall will fly away.
Do and be wedded to time with a dowry of tactfulness and get an issue of success.
Illusive opinion is seldom conscious of its own error, hence it foams away from fact and correction and mourns enthroned on the tragedy of unsuccess.
Pursue time with a typhoon push to achieve the aim more and more.
Politics nurses the life and good and Dharma upholds it : hence in a conflict
  1. of Politics and Dharma, Dharma should be followed.
To think all is determined is the outrage to terminates God the Infinite.
Refracted voluptuous error tends to one-sided decision.
Baffled are the traits that are not regulated through surrender to the divine man.
Knowledge begets experience, experience is the fundus of wisdom.
To do is be, to be is to know.
Resist evil but arouse not grudge.
To rely on wobblers is the fallen call of deception.
Carelessness is the falcon of misery.

Never nurture the vile, vice shall volley in volumes.
Unprofitable allurement lures to discontent, indolence and ingratitude ;
  1. but exalted offerings make the ability effulgent.
Be thou friendly majestic with thoughts, talks and serving behaviour
  1. and have a majestic conduct to mould environment.
Demand without pleasing service is the command that invites dissatisfaction.
Sluggish interest is the sister of ignorance and bad luck.
Fish and flesh are the irony of the food.
Quit exploiting, come to exalt, be one of us and be exalted.
Howling of dogs proclaims the advent of man in the darkness.
Do to others as you would be done by— but expect not in return.
Be confident of ability but vanity for ability is the debility that leads to unsuccess.
Do never die, Nor cause death But resist death To death.
Unhindered evil hinders existence by its venomous snap.
Passion flairs by resistance, applause and appreciation cools it down.
Polluted mentality often transfuses into others with every vanity !
Wives of the great are always hindered ! so, they are seldom happy.
Dishonest people are generally irresponsible and passionately sensitive,
  1. whereas the honest ones are always responsible and sentimentally zealous.
Complexes are delirious strong— duped with strongly licentious deteriorating stimuli which usurp faculties and services that make becoming profitable
  1. with environment hence being is cloudy and weakly nourished ; so urge and activity weep with thready thrills ; and when the service that enlightens
  2. being and becoming glows, dazzles and divers the interest of complexes ;
  3. they, the servants of the cliquish ignorant, howl,— shout with a blind dashing blow and attempt to disturb and demolish the servants of godly
  4. becoming yet the throne of heaven succeeds with successful glory
  5. through narrow insults— that are made divine.
When notion deludes facts and deprives conception, error invites with faulty seduction to hell !
Lazy urge talks much,— but moves with every deviation by the call of immediate need on a vanity of success—sacrificing service to complex.
Resist evil immediately when it drags you to commit evil without any good consequence.
Any obsession that hinders the way to achieve is the female emissary to failure : hence ignore and do undo it immediately !
Decency is the essence of conscientious adjustment of habits.

Morale of the environment moulds the tongue.
It is villain—vile to be non-violent to violence.
He who seeks compromise in the ignoring insult of Ideal and Principle
  1. that enlivens being and becoming, without any defence of upright fight that convinces, is surely a hypocritic coward –that declares his origin!
It is vile to resist evil with every aptitude when it is revealed.
The shelter and support of treachery is the treacherous protector of evils
  1. that dooms the environment to death with the contamination of Satanic hell— woe the treacherous and more woe to those that support— for hell is permanent to them with the haunt of living, invisible burning fire that leads to despondency and despair.

Longing, enticing, selfish service, inordinate passionate cry and intolerance

  1. are the bawds of devil which with a deluded, designing watch, seduce the complex to cater to lust !

When Ego, the shine of existence, concentrates through the convexity

  1. of obsessed complex, ambition creeps on,— inferiority smiles with a cynic eye.

Woe to him who declines with taunting treacherous betrayal, the Ideal, process and principle of enlivening uplift of being and becoming –the essence and existence : woe to him who compromises with such a one :

  1. oh ye beware and be not so fallen ! defy, decry and turn him with a convincing, generous, daring dash !

Lo ! Verily do I ware— keep yourself always with every righteousness

  1. keen, tactful and alert that you can cope with the complexes with all their obsessions— that hinder to impart the bliss of heaven, and adjust the chaos into a cosmos with every sharpness in word and deed !

Mere appeal to forgive without any inclined service of elatement, is a downright hypocritic deal that drags down with a genteel aristocracy

  1. of customary apology.

Frailty seeks excuse, will exerts, to achieve.
Incompetent haste is a gutter to waste.
Unrevenged persecution to the innocent makes their lives deteriorate.
Where urge flows on with a responsive contentful compliance enticement weeps, hindrance screams, persecution pants, the repellent are repelled

  1. with conscientious rebuke, service waves light with fragrant fumes,
  2. adherence awakes with every smiling bliss.

When luxury deprives the call of life, outrage outbreaks like a hunger-stricken demon with an ardent effulgence for life and a faltering fright

  1. to perish.
To demand without any satisfactory service is a taunt to grateful gift !
To rule oneself is to adjust oneself with one’s environment towards life and growth,— and that is the autocracy which nature dictates.
Do not excite the need of luxury in a man; excite his love for the principle.
Be equipped and organized with your immediate environs with service of soul : thus make your existence firm ; then try for further becoming
  1. with a furtherance of further services after a push of further magnanimous magnitude; then with appliances of services that make the further environment approach towards further becoming, elude the obstacle that looms before and make your becoming move with a bigger existence of bigger environs.

Never attend anyone with an argumentative approach but tactful, interesting talk with sympathetic hearing and due appreciation brings out blissful, active support and embrace from the core of one’s heart.
Derivative insight into the intent of a word is the proper guidance to its proper use and effect ; whereas a lazy hearsay conception is a misguider

  1. to attain the fact.

Never be in clash with the resourceful, intelligent and honourable;

  1. but carry your purpose for the principle in so tactful and elating a manner
  2. that you may get good, friendly, active service which may bring self-complaisance to them and you.

Curious, inquisitive liking begets memory.
He who sees everything in Him—the Self, and He in everything, in sense and essence, is a Sage.
Attend to redress calamities with cautious service, evading untoward effect,— it’s the natural characteristic of a kinsman and a friend.
It is not much what one says ; the test is there— ‘how people respond.’
Sham refusal of gratuitous offer is a sober ingratitude that leads one

  1. soberly down, but exalting grateful exposition makes one exalted.

Loyal uni-centric love-learning in thoughts and deeds, acts like opsonin

  1. that leads one to fulfill the principle of life in accordance with the wishes of the Love.

Profitable run in every step— There peeps education.
When false rumour misleads confidence, ignore not your confidence,

  1. have it resettled,— *live confidence will conserve you from calamities.

God cares little what one thinks, but He sees how one behaves and what one does !
Do behave as you think good, and do sincerely what is opt thereto.
To relax hypergamous eugenic relation is to deprive the country

  1. of efficient brains, to face terrific emergency !

Serve, but do not destroy one’s self-helping ability.
What you ought to do, do in time, or it will go to the dustbin !
Never serve one ignoring one’s mind, your service will go to the dogs!
Demand of equality breaks the bearing of unity and equity makes it.
When people unite in a common unit— the Ideal— with service and surrender to fulfill— that makes every life launce into growth that upholds,

  1. strength or power evolves, rule of love glows, democratic autocracy shines
  2. with the speed of glory and freedom in a normal constitution, –that is natural democracy as I mean.
However enormously armed with heaps of ammunition you be, abortive it is until ingenious, moral resistance against the vile is undaunted.
Those who have no freedom themselves can not make others free!
Blessed is he who chooseth Lord in love for love with a follow of contented forbearance in persecution ; heaven comes forth to elect him with a crown
  1. that shines to make others shine,— freedom glows there ; but those who have not that bliss of freedom, cannot make others free ; hence, it is a misery to be drawn through them to freedom !

If traditional Varnashramic division of professional labour be established,—

  1. rinsed and renovated,— unemployment will be off, efficiency will be on, capability will spring up, unfurling of instinctive talents will effulge, State will stay on unresisting !

He, the man who is supported by the majority of every community as their own, is the blessed normal Representative of human society and a boon to democracy and life to election.
When every individual with his community for the common interest to uphold the mission of life and growth with every free access, enters in a common platform conjointly to serve one another to hasten prosperity and welfare

  1. of every socio-individual truly, it may be called a blessed Socio-communistic Democratic Congress.

To adore the great with devoted service is the way to be great, because bliss is materialized in them through their devotion and worship.
To adore the Great, ignoring the God, is a meaningless, tuberous exuberance that melts all in despondence!
Is there any ‘ism’ in God ! He is the consummation of all ‘ism’, so He is sacred, and surrender is the only sacrament, Providence is His name thereby!
God is for all, Prophets are for all, no compartment,— but they are the fulfillers of all compartments in their equity; to create; ism’ is the Satanic dissuasion of people from unity— the God !
Where surrender is the essential life-tenor of Dharma, uphold of existence,

  1. renunciation of passionate crave and adherence and service to the Ideal are the normal tenor and tune; can it be of a democratic form? God is ever auto-cratic, Dharma—Providence—the Law of life and becoming is ever auto-cratic, Prophets are ever auto-cratic, will-to-achieve should ever surrender to it.
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