Frequently Asked Questions!

Who was Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra?

He was a person who lived in India during most part of twentieth century, He was a Prophet. That has been known:

  • By way of self revelation by Sri Sri Thakur himself,
  • By finding similarities with other Prophets of the past,
  • By seeing his divine qualities,
  • By seeing him as incarnate of love,
  • Through people’s realization,

He was a Guide, an Ideal to follow.

Tell me about His personal life.

His father was Shiv Chandra Chakravarty and mother was Manmohini Devi. He was born in a hamlet called Himaitpur, in Pabna district of Bangladesh, erstwhile East Bengal in pre-independent India. He was born on fourteenth September 1888 and passed away on twenty sixth January 1969. He lived in society, with family and friends. He had experienced all the worries and anxieties of a human life in struggle. He was a father of three sons and a daughter. Being elder son of a poor Indian family, he had his family burden to carry from an early age for his widowed mother, two younger brothers and a sister. He was husband of two wives and father of three sons and a daughter. He was victim of all kinds of social, economic, political, ethnic and communal upheaval that his time passed through. His dress was just minimum and yet quite decent. He followed all the trait of the culture and tradition in which he was born and brought up. He subjected himself to the laws of the land. When he became old and physically weak, he passed through all the ordeals of illness, seclusion of old age and defiance of younger generation. He subjected himself to the prescriptions of doctors, he availed the helping required for him to survive the old age. He wailed in pain and prayed for recovery. He longed for a healthy and prolonged life, but just like any human being he breathed his last leaving every thing around.

What should be satsangees daily activities?

  • Arise before dawn,
  • Perform meditation, japa and offer ishtavriti,
  • Take a round (Morning walk) and do exercises / yogas,
  • Clean yourself,
  • Engage for house hold earning activities,
  • In the evening, clean to make oneself pure
  • Offer aahnik with heart and soul.
  • Guide the neighbours and others on Thakur’s principles through stories and gossips
  • Seek and solve the problems of neighbours.
  • One should go to bed only when he feels sleepy
  • Retiring to bed should be with the thinking materializing the Ista desires through activity.

What is Istabhrity?

Ista ke bharan posan kora” i.e to fulfill the Almighty by one’s oblation and after thirty days your oblation should reach to the “Istasthan”.

Istavriti becomes flawless if one offers Istavriti before accepting any eatables and sends it to Istasthan at the end of the month. In addition, he must offer two bhatrubhojya (to Guru-brothers or superiors) and preserve some amount towards the service of the neighbours in their distress hours. 

What are conditions to perform Istabhrity?

We must toothbrush and take bath first. Or after brush we shud at least change to fresh clothes. Ishtabhriti cannot be done in the same dress in which we have slept. And not on that bed as well. In fact our body shud not be in contact with anything which has been in touch with our body while sleeping and with unclean things and what we call ”jootha” clothes. We shud not do ishtabhriti when we are physically down. And women cannot do it during the periods. In all such cases, Ishtabhriti of all missed days have to be done after we recover. – Yashendra

What is Jaajan?

SriSri Thakur– Even those who know, as much would they discuss amongst themselves, so much good would it be. There is no end to knowing; as much discussions take place, so much does the fine points come out. And that becomes a matter of enjoyment. Moreover, who so ever is Ista-prana (Ista is their life), he can never remain passive in the environment. There is no dearth of improper talks (befaas kathaa), wrong ideas, and unmannered life style ( bechaal chalan) even within the satsang brothers; if they are not counteracted properly then and there, then neither will you be educated nor will they be educated.

What is the relations between all prophets?

It is the Law of the God that all the present Prophet is the culmination of the past Prophet which means right from Sri Sri Ram … till Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra all are same with different name, different look, different place, different mode of work, different situation of that time of the world. But their cause of the advent is same i.e to save human being from degeneration. Taking the initiation of the latest Prophet means taking initiation of all thereby eradicating the Sectarian conflict. – Deepangshu

Which is the Most Powerful Name to use for the salvation?

The holy name ********** given to us by Thakurji is the most powerful name, which has been given out by the Supreme Being Himself. It resounds in splendid refulgence in the highest abode and can be heard within us only by those who perform true practice of Surat Shabd Yoga exactly according to the instructions given by the Sadguru.

What is the proof of authenticity of Satnaam?

Sant Kabir said: Kabir DHARA agam ki, satguru di lakhay. Tahi ulat sumrin kar, SWAMI sang milay. Similarly Saint Dadu Dayal has also very clearly said: Swami to satlok hai, radha triloki mahi. Dadu dono ek mila, tera janam maran mit jahi.

What are the principles of Swastyayani?

The five principles of Swastyayani are:

  1. Maintain your physic in tune with the providence so as to keep it healthy and endurable, presuming it to be the temple of Lord.
  2. Streamline the urge of your complexes towards the establishment of interests of Lord.
  3. Translate immediately into action, the activity that you consider to be good, resisting all obstacles.
  4. Interest yourself in the existence and growth of your neighbors and candle their prosperity by making them the followers of Lord.
  5. Offer oblation everyday to your Lord, with devotion and purity, as per your capability before serving to yourself. – Dr T K Jena

Why should I surrender to Sadguru or God?

Everyone in this world is in search of happiness. Ignorant of its source, we try to find it in materialistic comforts. We worship the idols, go to holy places, and seek seclusion in jungles in search of God. We are not successful, as God cannot be realized in worldly places or idols. God resides within us, and we must look within ourselves to find the path that leads to God. To find peace and happiness we must unite our soul with God. Only this union can make us happy. The method of uniting the soul with God can be learnt from the sadguru who is already united with God.

A Sadguru is personified God. Christ defined the Master as “The Word made Flesh”. A Sadguru, and SatNaam are the true means to unite the soul with God. In this physical world God comes to us in the form of a Perfect living Master.

If we have a keen desire to realize God, the Perfect Master comes to help us. The Master initiates us with Naam, tells us the method of meditation and our regular meditation practice leads us to our union with God. The drop becomes the ocean after merging into the ocean, Aatmaa becomes Param Aatmaa after its union with God.

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