SAT SANG is the community of the lovers of existence stands for ‘Being and Becoming’.

Being means the entire being—i.e. physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life.
Becoming means the gradual balanced evolution of these three aspects of life.

SRI SRI THAKUR ANUKULCHANDRA, the fountainhead of SATSANG, a non-communal religious and philanthropic institution has established its present headquarter at Satsang Ashram, Deoghar, Jharkhand.

There are more than two thousand branches located not only in India but also in Bangladesh, Burma, Europe and America. From these centers the principles of life and growth given by Sri Sri Thakur are being spread to many people.

Thousands of satsangees surmounting all kinds of hindrances and difficulties have gone out to propagate his practical and all-fulfilling message. His special satsangees are divided into five categories called Jaajak, Adhwarjyu, Saha-Prati-Ritwik, Prati-Ritwik and Ritwik. The latter three are empowered to initiate people in the faith of Sri Sri Thakur.

At Deoghar following activities are functioning:

  • Philanthropy – Main Office of Satsang,
  • Computer Center – caters to various works of the office
  • Ananda Bazar – common kitchen
  • Chemical works – to produce medicines
  • Press – to print books and magazines
  • Water Supply Department – to supply water from river to ashram.
  • Engineering workshop – to produce materials for satsang,
  • Guest House – to accomodate visitng devotees and
  • Charitable Hospital, Library, Schools, College, Prayer halls.

Contributed by Dr.Nirmalendu Das, Delhi and from a book Benign Lord by Arun Ganguly, Kerry Brace.

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  1. Satsang is ony way thaat human socity con rescure others not.

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