What is the Ultimate Goal of SATSANG?

It is the resolute conviction of Satsang that just as the handful of men who gathered around Sri Sri Thakur fifty years ago, steadily increased over the following decades, from hundreds into thousands and today number in hundreds of thousand; so in the next decade, those hundreds of thousand will grow into crores out of that universal and desperate urge for life and growth.

Further, as this spontaneous expansion takes place, we and our children will find that the ancient racial memory of an era when men were Gods and walked upon the earth – that memory which stirs in the deep unconscious of all of us – will have been unknowingly transformed into a reality – for ourselves, our family, our country and the world. When Late Deshbandhu C.R. Das approached Thakur at Calcutta a few years before his sudden demise and accepted him as his spiritual guide, Thakur said— “I know of no other politics, if service to the necessities of man is polities then I am a politician to my backbone. I understand love; I can appreciate what service is. I love life, not death”. Thakur can repair men like motor cars in the hands of an expert engineer and the nervous, debilitated and imbecile bloom in health and vigor if they have the sincerity to keep his company for sometime, with a few strokes of his chisel he can create life and energy in a block of lifeless mass, the hopeless beam with hope, the weak quiver with thrills of energy unfelt before and the depressed became inspired with his slogan of love, life and lift. Thakur’s life–drama is played not in the stirring fields of politics; not in the superficeries of the masses nor on the platform, he worked smilingly in the depth of the human soul with his un-vulnerable love, service and activity, and can rouse the dreams of a Ceasar in the heart of a Bangalee and the inspiration of a John of Arc in the soft flickering of a Bangalee illiterate women’s heart. As Thakur’s odd combination of practical religion, visionary idealism and intuitive insight attracted the attention of larger and larger number of people, his deep compassion and willing acceptance of the frustrated, the social outcast, the insane and incapable remained what one has described as his greatest asset and greatest liability. This sense of unlimited responsibility for everyone who came, gave to everyone a vision of an almost universal love practically applied. However, for those who feel that love is synonymous only with the good and beautiful the sight of the diseased, the demented and the undeserving, all finding hope and shelter with him was distributing…at times unnerving. At one place Sri Sri Thakur stated that he shelters evil in the hope that someday they will change, he never supported evil, he told that he was the foolish father of fallen son. The remarkable thing is that Thakur inspired everyone and waited for till his transformation is achieved.

Satsang’s Large-Scale Activities

At present there are more than two thousand branches of Satsang located not only in India but also Bangladesh, Burma, Europe and America. From these centres the principles of life and growth given by Sri Sri Thakur are being spread to many people. Satsang Vihars (centres) have been set up in several different provinces of India including Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Andhrapradesh, Maharastra, Gujrat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Thousands of workers for Sri Sri Thakur, surmounting all kinds of hindrances and difficulties, have gone out to propagate his practical and all-fulfilling message. His special workers are divided into five categories called Jajak, Adhwarjyu, Saha-Prati-Ritwik, Prati-Ritwik and Ritwik. The latter three are empowered to initiate people in the faith of Sri Sri Thakur.

At Deoghar different activities like those at Pabna have gradually been set up. Nothing was performed with a view to building up an organization; everything grew up to fulfill the needs of people. At present the following activities are functioning:

  • Satsang Philanthropy (SPO), the main office of Satsang, occupies a large three-storey building. Hundreds of people work here.
  • Satsang Computer Centre (SCC), housed in the main office building is an unique large complex of its kind. It caters to various works of the office.
  • Ananda Bazar [Common Kitchen] (AB). More than one thousand people are given food here daily. Free meals are provided for the devotees who come from outside to visit the Ashram. During the two main Utsavs and four Ritwik conferences held each year, for which thousands and thousands of devotees come from different provinces of India, all of them have their meals here; and this joyous function goes on for about one week.
  • Satsang Chemical Works (SCW). Whenever anyone came to Sri Sri Thakur afflicted with ailments, his kind heart would overflow with compassion. He gave many formulas for medicines that would remedy their diseases. The Satsang Chemical Works came into existence to produce these medicines.
  • A large herb garden has been started by Sri Sri Borda. He uses the rare herbs grown here in the preparation of medicines which have cured many previously incurable diseases, thus fulfilling one of our Lord Sri Sri Thakur.
  • Satsang Press (SPH) has printed the compilations of Sri Sri Thakur’s messages and many other books, and from here the magazines Alochana (Bengali), Ligate (English), Satwati (Hindi), Agambani (Assamese), Urjana (Oriya) and Swasti Sevak (Bengali) are issued monthly.
  • Satsang Water Supply Department (SWSD). Water is pumped from a well near the Darwa River through pipes to supply the Ashram.
  • Satsang Engineering and Mechanical Work-shop (SE&MW). Most of the things necessary for Ashram are manufactured here.
  • Satsang Carpentry. Many wooden articles for the use of Satsang Ashram are made here.
  • Satsang Electrical Division (SED). There are five high power generators for emergency supply of electricity to the Ashram Area, over and above the generators are exclusively meant for computer centre.
  • Satsang Guest Houses (SGH). There are several guest houses for the accommodation of visiting devotees and guests.
  • Among the many other facilities are the Congregational Prayer House, Satsang Library (Amardyuti Bidi-Mandir), Binapani Vidya Mandir (Upper Primary School and Girls section of Satsang Tapovan High School) and Satsang Cow-shed.
  • Satsang Tapovan High School for Boys. This is an ideal educational institution under the supervision of Ideal-minded teachers.
  • Amardyuti Satsang College. This college provides instruction of Arts, Science and Commerce. Also, preparations are being made to establish a separate college for Law.
  • Post Graduate Institution. This section was opened with the special permission of the University Grants Commission. It is the preliminary base of Shandilya University.
  • Satsang Charitable Hospital (SCH). Sri Sri Borda himself used to treat many patients, keeping them in his house. His great desire to help the sick is being materialized in Satsang hospital. Sri Sri Thakur spoke of a Hospital with about five hundred beds. Towards the fulfillment of his desire, about sixty beds have so far been set up. This hospital now has a special reputation because of the inspiration and direction of Sri Sri Borda. Its sacred, enlivening atmosphere, along with the care it provides, greatly increases the patients’ power of recovery. A comprehensive plan for the hospital’s development has been worked out. In the newly constructed conference room medical seminars are held twice in a year attended by Satsangee and other medical professionals from different parts of the country and abroad. The hospital also has a library of its own.


At present the following departments and wards are in operation: Departments:-

Out-Patient Deptt., Charitable Dispensary, X-ray Deptt., Pathology, Serology and Bio-chemistry, General Surgery, Gynecology and obstetrics, Orthopedics, General Medicines, Psychiatry and Cardiology. Wards:- Indoor Male Ward, Indoor Female Ward and Emergency Ward.
Shandilya University. One of Sri Sri Thakur’s primary desires was for the establishment of this University, and this is gradually being accomplished by Sri Sri Borda.
Ganga-Darwa Project. Sri Sri Thakur particularly wanted that water from the holy Ganges should flow through the Darwa, a river near Satsang Deoghar which is nearly dry except during the rainy season. The devotees of Bihar, to whom Sri Sri Thakur has kindly given responsibility in accomplishing this, are making great efforts to effect this project.
Kristbandhab Natyashilpam. This club is the cultural centre of Satsang Deoghar. It organizes open theatre (Jatra) and regular theatre performances, etc. on various occasions.
Satsang Publishing House (SPH). The greatest fulfiller of the age comes to goad passion-affected men toward the good. In this time of tremendous chaos and absolute tyranny also he has come down, and in his messages he has offered a full and wholesome vision of life. Satsang Publishing House has published the books containing Sri Sri Thakur’s sayings in solution of the world’s problems.

Compiled & Contributed by S.P. Chakraborty (Barun)
(Source: TSPOSST & Benign Lord)

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