About Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

shri shri thakur

shri shri thakur anukulchandra

About Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

A golden moment was appeared in a dark period of Indian history, when
Param Purush was descended on the earth in British ruled India, in the
family of Shiv Chandra Chakravarty and Manmohinidevi in the village of
Himaitpur, District Pabna near Dhaka on 14th September, 1888.

He was named as Anukul Chandra by his parents; He lived like any other ordinary children but had given lots of extraordinary glimpses of his super powers from his very childhood.

Due to financial problems aroused because of his tendency to help his 
poor friends, he could not complete his medical studies. He returned 
to His villages and started practicing medicine and curing patients 
with remarkable success and He became well-known doctor.

With His divine touch and healing powers He started attracting more and more people towards him, He also used to give spiritual knowledge to peoples and started performing Kirtans. While performing Kirtann’s He was going into trance and was delivering divine messages in divine voices, some of these were recorded in a book called Punya Punthi.

In a very short period of time His name and fame spread all over and people started calling Him Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra. He established Satsang Organisation to spread spiritual knowledge to the common man with a simple technique of Being and Becoming.

His philosophy of Yajan, Yaajan and Ishtbhriti attracted thousands of thousand people towards Him, irrespective of region, religion and cast.
Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra is a True Master (Sat Guru) and World Teacher and a Prophet of present age. His teachings, messages & spontaneous love and compassion for all beings are reflection of His tuning to Supreme-consciousness. He is the embodiment of “Being and becoming”.

Before partition of India, He shifted His entire Satsang and activities to Deoghar in current Jharkhand state of India leaving everything behind in Bangladesh and continued His man making mission in India.He was a prolific writer. Noted among his 94 books (82 in Bengali and 12 in English) are Punyapunthi, Anushruti (6 volumes), Chalar Sathi, Shashvati (3 volumes), Pritibinayak (2 volumes).

The Supreme Soul left the earth on 26th January 1969, by promising that He will come back again.

We all are waiting for His Punaravtaar.

Vande Purushottam!

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