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What is the Ultimate Goal of SATSANG? It is the resolute conviction of Satsang that just as the handful of men who gathered around Sri Sri Thakur fifty years ago, steadily increased over the following decades, from hundreds into thousands … Continue reading

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Chalaar Saathi

“A Companion To The Being & Becoming of Life” — SRI SRI THAKUR ANUKULCHANDRA 03 YASHASWITA MEIN SEVA Tun Manushya Ke Aisa Nitya Prayojaniya Bankar Khade Ho-O-Jisme Tumhari Seva SeTumhara PariparswikYathaasaadhya Prayojan Ki Poorti KarkeJ eevan, Yash Aur Vridhi Ko … Continue reading

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DISCOURSES : July 3,1940

July 3,1940 Akshoy da, Kesto da and many others were sitting inside Thakur’s room in the morning. Sree Sree Thakur: “Better type of men are required to build up an organization. Active and sincere men of strong commonsense are suitable … Continue reading

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