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Chalaar Saathi

“A Companion To The Being & Becoming of Life” — SRI SRI THAKUR ANUKULCHANDRA 03 YASHASWITA MEIN SEVA Tun Manushya Ke Aisa Nitya Prayojaniya Bankar Khade Ho-O-Jisme Tumhari Seva SeTumhara PariparswikYathaasaadhya Prayojan Ki Poorti KarkeJ eevan, Yash Aur Vridhi Ko … Continue reading

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Magna Dicta

By Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra Immunity from contagious ideas against the conviction for the fulfillment of principle, is strength of character. Cohesive urge by which sperm and ovum adhere and evolve is libido the urge. Fusional adherence that evolves into being with respective becoming, is … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Truth. Preface Atulchandra Bhattacharrya was one of the dearest devotees of Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, the Supreme Love. His employment was to take him away from Pabna, where he was posted as stationmaster at the Bajitporeghat steamer … Continue reading

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DISCOURSES : October 12, 1939

October 12, 1939 Sushilda was back in ashram today after collecting information on memories of previous births. He described his findings in detail to Sri Sri Thakur’s great enjoyment. At one time he said, “I examined the horoscope of two … Continue reading

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DISCOURSES : October 5, 1939

October 5, 1939 The darkness of the night set in. Sri Sri thakur was seated on a chowki in the Ashram courtyard by the river bank, and some people of the ashram were with Him. Gopalda came. Thakur said to … Continue reading

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His Messages

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Messages of “Being and Becoming” God is one, Dharma is one Prophets are same Servers of the one. Religions may be many but the principles and realization thereof are ever the same. That which protects, nurtures and fulfils the uphold … Continue reading

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