DISCOURSES : July 3,1940

July 3,1940

Akshoy da, Kesto da and many others were sitting inside Thakur’s room in the morning.

Sree Sree Thakur: “Better type of men are required to build up an organization. Active and sincere men of strong commonsense are suitable for organization work; only they. A feeling for the collective interest dies out in the character of an individual belonging to a passion-abiding, mean, self-seeking and enslaved people. That is why an organization cannot grow in such an atmosphere. Therefore it is now necessary to nurture the instinct for organization in every individual. Suppose someone treats you badly, immediately there should be someone ready to put pressure on him. This is called organization. Everyone should feel for everyone else. Each one should stick to his own job and at the same time help the other fellow.”

“One should develop this feeling: if anyone is affected I am also affected. He will not leave his post and crave to be some­one else out of inferiority. He will make things smooth for others by discharging his own duties with dignity. We have to be like this body system; the eye remains the eye; it does not desire to be the ear. Neither does the ear want to be the eye. Just imagine the trouble that would come if they did. Each part helps all other parts. Each goes about its own work and knows that a contravention of this law will weaken it along with the entire body system and cause eventual death. It has to be automatic to the same degree in an organization; only then can it be called an organization. And this will sprout forth naturally wherever there is unity, discipline and love for a common Ideal.”

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